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The 2022 Super Bowl will not be broadcast in 4K on NBC | Digital Trends Spanish

The Super Bowl is the most important sporting event in the United States and each year it attracts millions of viewers.

Many fans had been excited to be able to witness this show from their televisions in 4K. However, NBC put a stop to these wishes.

The chain informed TheVerge that the event will not be broadcast in 4K, which is reminiscent of what happened in the previous edition, when the meeting was not broadcast in this image quality either.

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The 2022 Super Bowl will not air or stream in 4K again this year when the game takes place on February 13, NBC Sports has confirmed. The lack of a 4K broadcast marks the second year in a row that the big game will not be available at the highest level of picture quality.

The outlet quotes Dan Masonson, a network spokesman, as confirming to The Verge that “the game will not be in 4K.”

This announcement has reopened the debate about the quality of the image in the broadcasts of the main sporting events in the United States.

NBC, for example, has never shown an NFL game in 4K or HDR. Meanwhile, CBS does not broadcast any of its games in this quality and the same goes for ESPN with Monday Night Football.

At the moment, Fox Sports appears as the only station that broadcasts NFL games in 4K / HDR quality.

Many fans were excited about the possibility of NBC broadcasting the Super Bowl in 4K, especially after the network began expanding its offerings in this image quality.

The reasons

According to The Verge, part of the problem is that NBC does not yet have a 4K delivery method for the vast majority of fans.

In addition, bringing this show in the best possible quality is a huge technical challenge for the company.

“There are dozens of cameras and slo-mo shots for the instant replays, the graphics packages, and of course the halftime spectacle and the myriad of ads, all of which need to be made into a cohesive package in 4K and HDR,” add the item.

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