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The 25 artists with the best style today according to Rolling Stone

Music and fashion have maintained a close relationship for some decades; For proof of this, let us remember that David Bowie once said to an interviewer in 1976 “If you really want to entertain an audience you have to look good”. And how right he was.

Nowadays it is almost impossible to think of one without considering the other; many clothing, makeup and accessories brands have chosen to sign various singers to make them their image, and many others have created their own clothing brands, or have collaborated with some companies for a certain collection of accessories or clothing.

For this reason, the magazine specializing in music Rolling Stone made a list of 25 Most Stylish Artists Today. Within these, they selected musicians and singers who are ‘cool‘ from a conceptual point of view, but which are also culturally important for creating new styles or breaking stereotypes of sizes, shapes and colors for both genders.

How was the selection carried out?

There was a jury made up of various journalists, designers and connoisseurs of both the music and fashion industries, which made a total of 13 personalities. They were asked to list, at their discretion, the 20 most stylish musicians currently active.

The votes were tabulated as follows: the highest ranked musician on each list received 250 points, the second 240 points, the third 230, and so on up to 60 points for number 20.

As detailed in the publication, “more than 113 musicians received at least one vote, and in the end 25 were classified in this inaugural package” so that the list would not become so extensive.

The 25 artists with the best style according to Rolling Stone

Top 5

1.- Lil Nas X

His style could be classified as ‘daring’ for some. Last year, with the help of stylist Hodo Musa, she turned each of her looks into conversation starters: from the flame-embellished leather suit she wore to a live event, to her take on Marie Antoinette’s rococo gowns.

2.- Lady Gaga

Without a doubt, Lady Gaga had to be among the first in this list because from the beginning of her career her extravagant style attracted attention. “I love becoming art,” she once told British Vogue reflecting on her evolution: from legendary meat dress to drag alter ego Jo Calderone.

3.- Cardi B

The rapper’s styles could border on the daring and extravagant, as even for the 2019 MET Gala, she even wore a quilt designed to look like a padded vagina. “If I could describe her style, I would say drama,” her favorite stylist, Kollin Carter, told Women’s Wear Daily.

4.- BTS

BTS has not only broken music records, but also gender norms when it comes to the clothes they wear in their performances: from oversized suits to flashy matador jackets and sequined blouses. When BTS were announced as Louis Vuitton ambassadors last spring, the fashion house called them “one of the most influential groups in the world.”

5.-Harry Styles

“Clothes are there to have fun and experiment and play,” Harry Styles told Vogue in 2020. “When you take away ‘There are men’s clothes and there are women’s clothes’…you obviously open up the field where you can play.” What do you mean by this? That ‘gender’ in clothing doesn’t exist as long as you feel comfortable in it.

Styles has put a disco twist on menswear with his penchant for boas, flared pants and bold, psychedelic colors.

Top 25

6.- Maluma

7.- Rihanna

8.- A$AP Rocky

9.- Dua Lipa

10.- Solange

11.- Kanye West

12.- Beyonce

13.- Moses Sumney

14.- Lizzo

15.- Kelsey Lu

16.- Machine Gun Kelly

17.- Rosalía

18.- Doja Cat

19.- Rina Sawayama

20.- Willow

21.- Bad Bunny

22.- Moonlight

23.- Tyler, the Creator

24.- Kai

25.- Grimes