Tuesday, May 24

The 27 best non-fiction audiobooks, from celebrity memoirs to self-help bestsellers

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  • Non-fiction audiobooks are an easy and flexible way to learn something new on the go.
  • Narration, especially when by the author themselves, adds emotion and passion to any story.
  • We’ve rounded up readers’ favorites, from humor and history to memoirs and self-help.

As an avid reader, I was growing frustrated with my limited available free time to read. Formerly obsessed with podcasts and perpetually disinterested in reading non-fiction, I found that audiobooks were an incredible way to learn during my commute. Passionate narration from audiobooks shed the textbook-like feeling I often associated with non-fiction reading, especially with memoirs narrated by their own authors.

Audiobooks have grown tremendously as readers discovered they can fit stories even into the busiest schedules. With more and more services offering audiobook streaming — such as Libby, Audible, and Google Play — readers are finding audiobooks as a perfect alternative to physical books. Personally, Libby has quickly become my most-used app. Since it works like a library, I love putting audiobooks on hold, my queue naturally shuffling as more become available.

I chose these non-fiction audiobook recommendations based on how well the narration enhances the reading experience. While I’ve listened to the majority of these personally, the others come heavily recommended to me by other bookworms. So whether you’re looking to expand your understanding of society, hear life lessons from a famous actor, or learn about an event that happened long before you were born, below are some recommendations to get you started.

27 great non-fiction audiobooks:





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