Wednesday, July 6

The 27 best things we bought on Amazon Prime Day 2021

Coop Pillow


I bought a Coop Pillow last year on Prime Day but my partner and I recently upgraded to a King bed, so I needed a King-size pillow to match. After sleeping on and absolutely loving the Coop for the last year, I wasn’t going to settle for an inferior pillow this time around. I snagged the King version — something I would’ve bought at full price anyway — for 20% off. – Jen Gushue, home & kitchen reference editor

Ever since Coop landed the top spot in our guide to the best pillows, I’ve been strongly considering them. I finally bought one for myself — a stomach sleeper — and one for my boyfriend — a back sleeper. We both have neck pain from time to time, so the ability to customize these and the 100-day trial gives me peace of mind. – Lisa Sabatini, pets & parenting editor

Last year, my husband needed a new pillow so I bought him the Reviews’ team cult favorite, the Coop Pillow on Prime Day. However, I made the dumb mistake of thinking I wouldn’t like shredded memory foam fill (I’ve always been more of a down pillow gal myself) and didn’t buy one, too. Well, I’ve been kicking myself ever since and hoping all year it would go on sale again for Prime Day. I’m a light side sleeper with neck pain, and I was wowed by how comfortable the pillow is and can’t wait to sleep on it! – Emily Hochberg, travel editor