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The 3 best gadgets to set up your own movie theater for less than 400 euros

Since last March 2020 we all locked ourselves at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, movie theaters have not regained the presence they used to have. In the first weekend of January 2021, just over 2.6 million people went to see a movie on the big screen. During the same period in 2020, the figure exceeds 21 million.

Between May 28 and 31 This year, the number of viewers improved, but it was still far from what was experienced in the past: 4.4 million. And some of us may miss the feeling of going to the movies.

Knowing that it is a special day, choose a movie from the billboard, arrive with a little time to grab a snack (either at the cinema bar or the nearest supermarket) and let yourself be submerged by the seats in the room.

If you still have certain reluctance to go to a movie theater or, simply, this situation has been “the end” in the face of abusive ticket prices (in some cases, touching 12 euros); then do not worry. In ConsumptionClear, we have prepared this short guide with everything you need to set up your own movie theater.

Projector or TV?

It depends on what you are looking for, basically. You may already have a large television that can do the trick for you when it comes to watching a movie, but the most common thing is that this is not the case.

Although a TV may always seem like a better option, there are some projectors for affordable prices that, together with a sheet or a projection screen, can give us great results. But what problems can this type of device have?

Mainly ambient light. If we intend to set up our small movie theater in a room where there are no curtains or blinds and it receives a lot of light during the day; we will relegate its use to nights. A television is always visible, whatever the light.

Despite this, in recent years projectors have improved in this regard and continue to allow us to expand the inches without having to invest thousands of euros in a gigantic screen.

Our recommendation: Vamvo Mini Projector L4200. It is an HD video projector, ideal for home entertainment. LED lighting provides 80% brighter than previous version and compatible 1080P resolution offers accurate colors and best contrast; ideal for family entertainment on a budget. For 130 euros.

It weighs only 1.25 kg, which can be easily carried around and has a 50,000-hour LED lamp life. It is also equipped with multiple ports, including HDMI, USB, audio, and AV interfaces (not Wi-Fi). It can be easily connected with a Nintendo switch, a PS3, PS4, an X-Box ONE, a phone or a Wii.

It also has a slot to place it on a tripod, making it much easier to place it in any area of ​​the room, either with the typical camera tripod or a smaller one to lift it on the table. At the same time, it can be hung from the ceiling (although it is not the goal).

It has an HDMI, VGA, USB, MicroSD port and audio ports, so it is very versatile when connecting any device (console, computer, mobile, etc). Although, yes, it does not have a WiFi connection.

Regarding quality, the screen ranges from 34 to 176 inches in high definition (Full HD) and includes a remote control. In turn, it includes speakers, so if we want to save on that part, we can do it.

Screen for the projector?

It is not strictly necessary. If we do not have the so common gotelé walls in our house, it is likely that we can use some of them as a screen for the projector.

It must be taken into account that, being an image that is projected, it is very dependent on the surface. The smoother it is, the better, since imperfections directly affect what we are seeing. To save money it is a useful option, although taking into consideration that the result may not be as expected.

So is a screen better to project the image? Clearly yes. And we don’t need a large investment either.

Our recommendation (with installation): NIERBO screen. It is postulated as a good alternative if we are willing to place it on a wall. For 36 euros, it is a very cheap option that ensures us make the most of that projector that we have bought.

At 120 inches, this screen is compatible with any projector and offers a good size to watch our movies in Full HD without problem (or 4K if we opt for a more expensive projector).

This screen is made of a synthetic fiber material that prevents the appearance of wrinkles, so it is especially useful when transporting it. Despite this, it can be ironed if imperfections appear.

Our recommendation (no installation): HOIN projection screen. It is one of the best options there is if we are looking for ease and results. For 94 euros, this screen does not need any installation on the wall.

The HOIN display features a two-legged stand so you can simply mount it up and start using it. Its size is 100 inches, so we will get a really large image.

What about surround sound?

One of the most rewarding experiences in cinema is often sound. How movies are heard is a special feeling but one that can be imitated at home. The most recommended is go to a Home Cinema if we want an immersion the same as in the big screen rooms, but there are also the sound bars that will cover, without great deficiencies, the need.

Our recommendation (Home Cinema): OneConcept V5. It is a team of five speakers that, perfectly, will make you feel like in a movie theater. For 70 euros, oneConcept offers one of the most complete and inexpensive Home Cinema systems.

With 5.1 surround sound, the speakers have a power of 20W and a Bass Reflex subwoofer. In addition, this system allows you to adjust the bass separately, so we can leave the sound to our liking. Of course, the design can be somewhat strident with that red color. For a medium sized room, they are ideal and will not disappoint.

Our recommendation (sound bar): LG SJ2. A more expensive soundbar than the aforementioned equipment, but that has little competition in quality. For 120 euros, the LG SJ2 offers a minimalist and simple design for a 2.1 bar with a power of 160W.

In addition, the subwoofer is wireless, eliminating cables in the way. It is easy to install and can be connected via bluetooth, making the process even easier.


In short, if we opt for the “cheap” route (projector, projection screen with installation and Home Cinema) in total we will be investing 236 euros to create our own movie theater -we would have to add the tripod if we needed it-.

While the “expensive” version (projector, projection screen without installation and sound bar), the price would ascend up to 344 euros. Both alternatives are far from 400 euros, especially the first one, and it offers us the possibility of creating our own movie theater for those summer nights with the family.

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