Sunday, January 29

The 3 rules that Steve Jobs used in all his meetings to achieve greater efficiency

Meetings ideally of three to five people

One of the reasons why work meetings fail is because of the number of people who participate, since that represents more possibilities of interruptions, noise and misunderstandings.

The creator of Apple implemented this rule publicly the day he was invited to the White House along with Barack Obama and several United States officials where he rejected the invitation due to the long list of guests.

On the other hand, Elon Musk – CEO of SpaceX and Tesla – applies this method by encouraging people who were invited to a meeting and are not contributing something to leave the meeting.

“It’s not rude to leave. It’s rude to make someone stay and waste their time,” Musk explained.

Organize a short agenda: no more than three points

A meeting must be made up of three key points to touch on, if one is planned that has more topics on the agenda, what it will generate is that the participants lose concentration.

Also, when you talk about countless topics, you can end up focusing on topics that are not really relevant due to the discussions that are generated and no one will remember what you wanted to report at first.

Short meetings: no more than 30 minutes

Finally, for a work meeting to work 100%, it is important that they are brief. This will guarantee that the participants do not lose their attention, they retain the information that was discussed during those minutes and there is no time available for any type of distraction.

It has been reported that Sheryl Sandberg, Meta’s director of operations, often ends meetings within minutes of their start if she feels everything has been accomplished.