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The 4 best “in ear” bluetooth headphones, from Sony to Bose or Huawei

Podcast, music, calls … there are many reasons why we can be during hours listening to different things from the mobile. And that is why, for some time, the headphones in ear, which combine comfort and isolation from outside sound

Today, wired headphones seem to have disappeared: more and more terminals do not even include a jack port and not many large brands continue to manufacture them. Therefore, the headphones true wireless -Those that not only connect via Bluetooth, but also do not have any type of cable- have become the preferred option of users.

By not having any physical connection, they are much more comfortable to wear. In addition, they allow us to use the mobile without tangles or jerks. Within this type of headphones, it is usually distinguished between the in ear, which have a round shape and are usually fitted to the hollow of the ear, and “button”, which stay on the outside and usually have a pin.

On this occasion, from ConsumoClaro we are going to recommend some of the best headphones in ear that we can buy in this last quarter of 2021 without dedicating a large budget.

What should we consider?

In case you prefer to find your own alternatives, we give you some tips for buying headphones in ear:

With or without cable

Headphones can be true wireless or simply wireless. If we are looking for peripherals to exercise outdoors and, above all, sports where we move a lot, maybe some with a cable that connects them together will save us more than a scare.

Noise Cancellation

The in ear They are headphones that are inserted into the ear, which makes, in itself, there is passive noise cancellation. Some models also have active noise cancellation; in other words, technologies that help to make outside sound heard as little as possible.

This feature is especially useful for those of us who travel for a long time on public transport or who like to evade the rest of the world when we read or work.


Being wireless, these headphones run out of battery. It is important to look at how many hours of use they hold and how many “extra” charges the case has. It is most recommended that they do not fall below four hours of use.

There are some other aspects, such as distortion, the frequency spectrum … that are more technical sections and that, in general, the average user does not usually contribute anything.

The most advisable thing is to look for models compatible with the SBC or aptX codec, Bluetooth 5.0 and a range of frequencies as wide as possible.

Some recommended models

Bose Sports Earbuds

Bose is one of the best-known sound peripheral brands as they often offer high-quality products… and high prices. Sport Earbuds are one of the best headphones in ear of the market and, if we find them on sale, they can be a great option.

It is a device with an autonomy of up to five hours of use and a cover that provides another two full charges, as well as a fast charge of fifteen minutes. They have their own mobile app, Bose Music, to configure touch controls and monitor the battery.

Regarding the design: they are black headphones -also available in blue and green- that have a small leg that fits inside the ear. This makes them especially comfortable for exercising, as it prevents unwanted falls. 199 euros (130 on sale)

Realme Buds Air 2 Neo

Despite the Bose being one of the best in ear of the market, its price can be very high. The Realme Buds Air 2 Neo are the perfect option for those looking for quality peripherals, with noise cancellation and great autonomy for a very affordable price.

Compatible with Bluetooth 5.2, the Buds Air 2 Neo have a 10mm DLC with a battery of up to 28 hours of use, much higher than the rest of the models.

Like the previous one, they have their own application to change the touch controls. In addition, they have the IPX5 level of waterproofing, so they are perfect for sports. Its price is 38 euros.

Sony WFXB700B

Although its price may seem high at first (€ 150), the truth is that the Sony WFXB700B headphones have been around 70 euros for some time. Therefore, you cannot miss this option to get high-end helmets at the cost of a mid-range.

With an autonomy of 18 hours of listening, the WFXB700B are ergonomic helmets with IPX4 water resistance (sweat and splashes). They do not have any active noise cancellation technology, but instead we have Extra Bass: we sacrifice isolation in pro of pure sound quality. Its price is 150 euros (67 on sale).

✌🏻 Consumption Preference Clear Huawei FreeBuds Pro

One of the classic candidates for “headphones in ear of the year “: Huawei’s FreeBuds pro. For some time, these helmets have not exceeded 119 euros (compared to 179 euros at the start) and this makes them one of the best quality / price peripherals.

The FreeBuds Pro offer a complete product. First of all, it highlights the system of three microphones that mean that, even if you are in the middle of a busy street, you will be heard without problems. In addition, they have three levels of noise cancellation (low, medium and high) that adapt to each situation – in addition, we can allow it to pick up the voices, to avoid taking them off.

They also provide an option, “awareness“, which collects and amplifies outside noise. Regarding autonomy: eight hours of continuous use and up to 36 hours with the charges of the cover (three charges).

Plus, up to two devices can be connected at the same time, making them perfect for work. Its price: 179 euros (119 today).

* ConsumptionClaro’s team of journalists and experts rigorously and independently recommend products and services to our readers. Every time you buy through some links added to this text, receives a commission.

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