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The 4th edition of the Cripto Latin Fest arrives on the beaches of El Salvador in December

The Crypto Latin Fest is about to begin. This year it will take place on December 3 and 4, and it is expected to be one of the most important cryptocurrency and blockchain events in Latin America. You can attend the conference in person or online, you have several options at your fingertips.

There is no better way to say goodbye to the year 2021 than by being part of the fourth edition of the Cripto Latin Fest. It will be a good occasion to meet businessmen, developers, entrepreneurs and well-known figures from the community. Information will be presented in Spanish and everyone, regardless of their level of experience in the world of cryptocurrencies, will be able to benefit.

Cripto Latin Fest: the conference on bitcoin, blockchain, NFT and more

The Cripto Latin Fest is the ideal event for those who wish to learn more about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and keep up to date with the news in the market. Not only will the typical topics such as bitcoin (BTC), trading, legality, security and decentralized finance be covered, Non-fungible tokens will also be discussed, better known as NFT, one of the most marked trends in this 2021.

You will know the great opportunities offered by the cryptographic art, which has grown in an unimaginable way thanks to NFTs. At the Crypto Latin Fest 2021 there are new conversations to understand the functioning of the ecosystem and the importance of NFTs in the industry.

By adding a section dedicated exclusively to the cryptoart, the event organizers wish attract a greater number of artists, producers, collectors and entrepreneurs to be part of the world of the NFT. There will be a collection called NFT Collection of Crypto Latin Fest that will undoubtedly be of interest to all those who are involved with art.

What to expect from the 4th edition of the Cripto Latin Fest in El Salvador?

An advantage of Cripto Latin Fest the thing is It will be done online and in person. You can choose the modality that best suits your circumstances. In the case of those who decide to attend in person, they will enjoy a closing event that will be held on December 4 in the beautiful beaches of El Salvador.

And considering this was the first country to make bitcoin legal tender, there couldn’t be a better location. In the face-to-face closing, renowned figures from the industry in El Salvador and Latin America in general will be interviewed. It will be the perfect occasion for networking.

Will be presented 14 hours of exclusive content, focused on how cryptocurrencies and blockchain have improved the current financial system and what to expect in the near future. The Cripto Latin Fest arrives to change the economic and social paradigm, and contribute to revolutionizing the system.

To attend the Cripto Latin Fest online, you simply must access your website and fill out a form with some personal data. The ticket for the face-to-face closing is priced at USD 30. For the readers of CriptoNoticias, the entrance to the face-to-face event will be given away to the first 6 readers who write in this link and say that they come from CriptoNoticias:

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