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The 5 best apps to check your horoscope for 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

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The terms “horoscope” and “astrology” do not sound too much tech: however, there are many people who consider them important and consult weekly or daily what will happen to their zodiac sign.

It will interest you

This divinatory procedure to predict the future has (like almost everything in this life) mobile apps that allow you to quickly query from anywhere and at any time. If you want to know what the stars predict for this 2022, keep reading: these are our five favorite apps for Android phones and iPhones.

This app is free to download, although it includes purchases inside with which you can access additional content. In addition to showing us daily predictions by zodiac sign, it offers us an analysis of the astrological chart and other functions, such as the possibility of comparing our graph with that of another person. You can also share your results on social networks automatically from the application.

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This app is somewhat different from the rest of the ones that we will see here because instead of showing us our predictions it allows us to make a consultation by chat with an astrologer. The first question we want to ask is free, but for the rest we must pay $ 3.99.

The app also offers packages with several questions with which those who want to use it a lot save some money. Perhaps it is a somewhat high price, but if what you are looking for is, in addition to knowing your horoscope, having personalized attention, it is a good option.

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This application is also free to download, but with purchases in-app to access its additional content. It accumulates millions of downloads between Android and iOS and is one of the most popular applications of this type.

It has a very distinguished black and white interface with simple graphics that help us both to understand our predictions and to easily compare graphics with other people. It also allows us to share the results on social networks automatically.

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Daily horoscope

The free application has more than 10 million downloads on Android and offers a version for iPad. It is one of the most complete because, in addition to allowing you to know your daily horoscope, you will be able to check your Chinese horoscope and the zodiacal compatibility with other signs.

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Finally we have this application that combines several methods of predicting the future. On the one hand it allows you to check your daily horoscope like the rest of the apps we have just seen, but on the other it also offers you tarot card readings with a real tarot reader. It also offers an interactive natal chart with detailed information on astrological locations and planetary profile.

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