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The 6 best cat toys of 2022 on Amazon

Those people who live with one or more cats know very well that these animals remain far from the topical standard of being quiet beings and not very active. On the contrary, the vast majority of cats are a real nerve with a great desire to play.

It’s more, his great intelligence is put almost entirely at the service of the game as training in order to hone their hunting skills. Therefore, every cat and cat that develops these skills will be a happy furry companion in our home. And those who do not have the possibility of doing so, run the risk of falling into apathy and depression.

Consequently, as humans who like to live with happy cats, we must take into account the importance of toys that will help us so that our cats and cats maintain their skills and their training on a daily basis, so that they maintain a pleasant and satisfactory intellectual physical activity for them.

Next, and to commemorate International Cat Day, we bring you the six best valued toys on the Amazon portal by users for your cat or your cat, so that you will already have the guarantee that many humans who live with a feline cat can certify that their cats have had a very good time with them.


The package includes balls, tunnels, plush mice, crinkle crunchy balls, balls with bells, a tunnel and many other gadgets that stimulate your cat’s games. The game has 1,500 ratings and 75% of them are 5 Stars. In addition, it is one of those recommended by Amazon itself.

🐱 This model is on Amazon for 12.99 euros


By simply pressing a button, this ball toy for cats will automatically move randomly and a red light will come on to attract the attention of our feline. It can also automatically change direction when colliding with obstacles such as walls, chairs, doors, etc. We have the guarantee of 4,229 reviews (61% give them 4 and 5 stars) that fun is guaranteed.

🐱 This model is on Amazon for 15.99 euros

OurPets Catnip Stuffed Cat Toy

We already told you why cats go crazy with catnip, so here we limit ourselves to presenting you this fabric chilli. that will delight your feline. Almost 11,000 reviews, 84% of them 5-stars, attest to this.

🐱 This model is on Amazon for 18.94 euros

LED pointer, USB rechargeable 3 in 1

This light has 3 modes, including LED light and UV light. Red light with 5 patterns could be used as interactive pet training tool. It can be charged via USB port, more safety and faster. It only needs 1.5 hours to fully charge, and it can last about a week teasing cats. 2,263 reviews, 71% of them 5 stars.

🐱 This model is on Amazon for 10.99 euros


Another toy stuffed with catnip (catnip) that has 829 ratings, 84% of them 5 stars.

🐱 This model is on Amazon for 12.92 euros

Tarnel Interactive Toy for Cats

A large collection of elements that cats like: bells, cat floors and colored balls that satisfy the nature of moving objects for unlimited fun. 382 reviews, 74% of them 5 stars.

🐱 This model is on Amazon for 27.99 euros

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