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The 6 best commuter bikes of 2021 for any budget

The best customizable commuter bike

State Bicycle

State Bicycle Co.’s Core line of commuters is a customization dream as the site allows you to tinker with the pedals, handlebars, saddle, and other components to create an entirely unique-to-you bike.

Pros: Tons of customization options online, features a durable steel frame, comes in a variety of colors, costs less than $400 even with add-ons

Cons: Not all add-ons are always available, tires aren’t suitable for much off-the-beaten-path riding

The Core line of bikes from State Bicycle Co. is the epitome of what a commuter should be: Durably built, easy to ride, and customizable to the max. When first purchasing a Core, the State Bicycle Co. site gives you the ability to choose from a variety of add-on options such as the type of pedals you want, the saddle it comes with, and whether you want to add lights or a lock (among others). These options truly let me make a commuter bike that was wholly my own.

Riding the Core is just as fun as digitally assembling it, too. Though I wouldn’t recommend taking it on anything rougher than flat dirt road, it does still handle uneven streets or sidewalks with ease (plus, what commuter is much of an off -roader anyways?).

For casual neighborhood riding, the Core has become my go-to. It weighs less than 30 pounds, so it’s easy to walk into my apartment, yet its steel frame still feels durable despite the lightweight. I’ve nicked it a few times on railings or metal fences and it’s never taken any damage, nor did it seem like hitting it much harder would do much either.

The one aspect I couldn’t ignore immediately after learning about the Core was its price. With most builds clocking in under $400, the base model with no add-ons runs for just $300. That’s a hell of a price for as solid a commuter as this is — and it’s something that offers a high amount of return on investment.

If you like the idea of ​​customizing your own commuter bike, and want something that’s highly durable and fun to ride, I can’t recommend the Core line from State Bicycle Co. highly enough.

$299.99 from State Bicycle Co.

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