Thursday, July 7

The 6 best men’s workout shirts of 2021

  • A great workout shirt provides benefits like moisture-wicking technology, stretch fabric, and odor control.
  • It’s important the shirt also fits comfortably and performs well during activities like strength training or running.
  • Our top pick, Ten Thousand’s Versatile Shirt, excels in terms of fit and performance and is my go-to for any workout.

Ask any fitness enthusiast about their preferred style of workout shirt and they’ll likely spend a few seconds listing off things like moisture-wicking fabric, innovative cooling technology, or sweat-activated fabrics. While these may sound like a collection of buzzwords, the application behind these concepts are both staples and must-haves in the world of workout clothing.

For years, the who’s who of brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Reebok were the major players in the workout shirt market, constantly innovating on their own in-house tech while keeping tabs on what competitors put out. But as of late, a number of smaller companies have elbowed their way into the conversation with some fresh, unique takes on the humble workout shirt.

Be it a unique manufacturing process that makes use of real gold particles or a revolutionary fabric designed to not just wick moisture but to actively cool a wearer’s body temperature, today’s workout shirts are full of inventive and practical variety.

It’s because of that variety that deciding which workout shirt to buy isn’t always a straightforward decision. Perhaps you enjoy working out at home, or maybe you primarily exercise by running or cycling. Maybe you do a little of everything.

For me, I fit into the latter camp and feel as though there’s plenty of room in my wardrobe for an array of reliable workout shirts. Not only does a mixed bag of options help reduce how often I have to do laundry but different shirts work better for different workouts.

For example, I prefer a shirt with some sort of stretch design or increased range of motion when lifting weights but grab for a tee that does well to wick moisture before I hop on my bike or go for a run. Though those differences in features may seem small, they have a major impact both on my performance and comfort — and they’re incredibly important considerations when shopping for a workout shirt.

To help find the best currently available, I tested (and continue to test) an array of the latest releases to find those that excel at not just being comfortable, functional, and high quality, but are ultimately worth investing in, too. Though this guide gets updated often, the shirts featured are an accurate snapshot of exactly what I wear when working out each week.

Here are the best men’s workout shirts: