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The 7 Most Luxurious Cars in America by 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

Luxury is a concept that evolves over time. As in the case of technological advances, features considered luxurious reach the market in the most expensive vehicles to permeate the lower layers of the market. In the 1950s, an air conditioning system was considered an excessive luxury, but today it is a basic necessity.

Today, luxury is reflected in top-quality materials, such as carbon fiber, or open-pore woods, but also in power and technology. These are the vehicles that represent the highest level of luxury in each of the segments where they compete.

Crossover: Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Fortunately Rolls-Royce does not compete in all segments of the automotive spectrum, because otherwise it would have been the only brand on this list. Built on a modification of the modular platform that underpins the Phantom, the Cullinan is not only the first pickup truck built by Rolls-Royce but it is also the brand’s first all-wheel drive vehicle.

For its starting price of $ 330,000, you get this huge pickup with room for up to four passengers, with a 6.7-liter V12 engine and 563 horsepower. But that’s just the beginning of the story of a vehicle where everything you see and touch can be seen configured to the buyer’s taste, easily surpassing the half-million dollar barrier by adding a couple of options.

Sport: Mercedes-AMG SL

The newly renamed Mercedes-AMG SL is the heir to the epic saga of Mercedes-Benz sports models that was born with the legendary Mercedes-Benz 300 SL “gull wings” of 1953, and which has been produced without interruption ever since creating models as special as the remembered “Pagoda” of the 60s.

For 2022, the new generation of the SL ditches the unnecessary and heavy folding hardtop, and returns to its sporting roots, but without abandoning the sumptuousness and luxury acquired in its last two generations. Mercedes has yet to announce a starting price for the new SL, but no one expects it to be less than $ 100,000.

Electric: Mercedes-Benz EQS

Thanks to Tesla’s design philosophy, luxury in electric cars has been associated with minimalism and technology. The arrival of the EQS, the large electric sedan from Mercedes-Benz, with a heavy technological accent but with a more traditional and sumptuous approach to the theme of luxury, could change that trend.

The massive electric sedan is powerful, offers a range of 350 miles, and is as luxurious as its internal combustion engine cousins. Its base price of $ 102,310 is lower than the gasoline S-Class, which could invite more than one of the traditional buyers of the Mercedes-Benz large sedan to try the electric version.

Hyperauto: Bugatti Chiron

The French manufacturer, part of the Volkswagen Group, plans to build a total of 500 units of the Bugatti Chiron launched in 2016. By the end of 2021, they had built a little more than 300 cars, which are customized not only with special colors and materials, but Also with mechanical and technical modifications that can make them very luxurious large passenger cars, or the fastest car in the world such as the Chiron Super Sport that has the same features of the model that broke the barrier of 300 miles per hour and which today, with a record of 304.77 mph (490.47 km / h), is considered the fastest production car in the world.

Its starting price of $ 3 million makes the Chiron practically unattainable for the vast majority of the public, but it is nonetheless a legend.

Pickup: Ford-F-150 Limited

Pickups as luxury cars are not a new concept. Cadillac made the Escalade EXT between 2002 and 2007, and Lincoln tried the Blackwood in 2002, and again the Mark LT between 2005 and 2008. Neither effort survived, because the more luxurious versions of the regular brand models turned out to be more. attractive to the public.

Today the Ford F-150 Limited, starting at $ 73,455, offers all the amenities of a true luxury car, including a sound system. B&O Unleashed by Bang & Olufsen, and a Wi-Fi hotspot, despite displaying a huge blue oval in the middle of its massive grill. A well-equipped version can fetch $ 90,000.

Sedan: Rolls-Royce Phantom

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is not only the most luxurious sedan on the list, it is also the most luxurious car in the world. The Phantom is the latest in a long line of executive sedans from Rolls-Royce that have always and without exception represented the pinnacle of what the automotive industry has to offer in terms of luxury and comfort.

The area of ​​the dash that faces the front passenger of the Phantom, which the manufacturer calls The galery, was designed so that the owners can display works of art created especially by contemporary artists. The Phantom’s starting price of $ 455,000 is just the entry into a world of customization and luxury, from which no two completely alike models will ever emerge.

SUV: Lincoln Navigator

When the first-generation Lincoln Navigator appeared in 1997, its success was such that it catapulted Lincoln to the top spot among American luxury brands, albeit only briefly. The glory was short-lived as the Navigator, with few and ill-thought-out updates, gave way to the Escalade, the truck that Cadillac created precisely to build on Lincoln’s success.

But the arrival of the fourth generation Navigator in 2018, with a striking interior design, changed the fortunes of the model that has once again become a favorite of American luxury car buyers, despite facing more competition than 24 years ago. With a starting price of $ 76,710, or $ 98,655 for the luxurious Black Label editions, the Navigator is not a cheap proposition. 2022 brings appearance and technological improvements, including the first application of the autonomous driving system ActiveGlide of Lincoln.

BONUS TRACK: Off-road: Mercedes-AMG G63

The legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Class, also known as the Geländewagen, began its incredible journey as a humble off-roader, originally designed for military use 43 years ago. Private imports to the United States made it immensely popular with the rich and famous, becoming a status symbol, so Mercedes decided to officially start selling it in 2002.

But it wasn’t until 2018, with a completely new model, that the G-Class was able to legitimately acquire the adjective of luxurious, as it was previously a competent off-roader but with a very uncomfortable ride and atrocious driving manners. The current model in all its versions, but especially the most powerful, the Mercedes-AMG G63 with a starting price of $ 157,500, is a true luxury car with the technology, the power, and the corresponding smoothness.

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