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The accusations of Podemos and PSOE ask the judge to continue investigating the role of Cospedal and Rajoy in Kitchen

Podemos and PSOE want the National Court not to falsely close the Kitchen investigation and investigate beyond the Interior dome in the times of Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz. We can consider it “irrational” that the magistrate Manuel García-Castellón has concluded that the alleged espionage of Bárcenas was devised in the Ministry of the Interior of Jorge Fernández Díaz, urging the Criminal Chamber to “unravel” the role of the former secretary general of the PP María Dolores de Cospedal in this operation and his “probable collusion” with former president Mariano Rajoy.

Fernández Díaz points to the PP leadership in the espionage of Bárcenas and asks that the investigation not be closed

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The accusation of the party led by Ione Belarra has formulated an appeal, to which Europa Press has had access, against the order issued on July 29 where the judge ends the investigations on this separate piece of ‘Tándem’ and prosecutes 11 people , Fernández Díaz included, for the so-called ‘Kitchen plot’: the para-police espionage that would have developed between 2013 and 2015 against Bárcenas to steal the compromising information that he might have on the PP and its leaders and thus prevent it from falling into the hands of Justice.

The main reason that Podemos uses is the “erroneous and unfair” decision of the instructor in that same resolution to file the case for Cospedal and her husband, the businessman Ignacio López del Hierro, whom he initially accused for believing that his intervention to capture the then The Bárcenas’ driver, Sergio Ríos, as a spy for the ‘Kitchen’ was “decisive”, although he later indicated that the reasons for incriminating the marriage were too weak.

“The irrational conclusion of the order is that there was an operation that used public resources for the benefit of the Popular Party, although the Popular Party that governed at that time had nothing to do with it; that a series of actions were carried out to protect the Popular Party But they were not ordered by anyone from the Popular Party, but all the ideation such as the execution was coordinated exclusively in the Ministry of the Interior, “he explains.

“And all this,” continues the popular accusation exercised by the political formation, “despite the enormous quantity and quality of the evidence and evidence accumulated against the former secretary general of the Popular Party and her closest environment”, to the point that it considers “plausible” to affirm that Cospedal acted as “inducer” of the ‘Kitchen’.

The PSOE asks that the “beneficiaries” be investigated

For its part, the prosecution of the PSOE considers that it is necessary to continue investigating to identify the “main beneficiaries” of the alleged spying on Bárcenas, among whom it points to Rajoy and Cospedal.

In the appeal, to which Europa Press has also had access, the accusation exercised by the Socialist Party argues that the investigations of this separate piece of the ‘Tandem’ macrocause are far from having fulfilled their objectives as they have investigated ” those who transmit the order “to spy on Bárcenas and his surroundings, and on those who receive and execute him, but not on” those who give the order and turn out to be the main beneficiaries, “pointing to Rajoy and Cospedal.

The interest of both in frustrating the inquiries about the famous ‘roles’ of the former treasurer – he continues – would be due to the fact that “the survival of the Popular Party – of which they were the most responsible – was at stake” and “this put their political careers in suspense. , their then sources of income and lifestyles and their families, their power and could even jeopardize their freedom, since there was the possibility of a prison sentence, not to mention their public image. ”

In addition, this argument is based on the fact that in the handwritten agendas of Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo “there are multiple notes about transferring information about his activity in the ‘Kitchen’ operation or project to precisely these two people, either directly or through third parties”.

For this reason, he sees it necessary “to carry out procedures aimed at verifying the participation of the main beneficiaries, the highest leaders of the Popular Party, such as its president, its general secretary and others,” which it does not specify. In this sense, she claims to reopen the case for Cospedal and her husband, businessman Ignacio López del Hierro.

The marriage was charged because the magistrate suspected that their intervention could be “decisive” in capturing the then-driver of the Bárcenas family, Sergio Ríos, as a spy for the ‘Kitchen’. However, the judge ultimately chose not to prosecute the couple, concluding that the reasons for their indictment were too weak.

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