Tuesday, January 18

The accused Andalusian counselor announces that she will appeal: “I have always acted in accordance with the law, I am very calm”

The Andalusian Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Carmen Crespo, announced this Tuesday that she is going to appeal the order of the Court of Instruction 3 of Almería that cites her as investigated along with 19 other people and four merchants and has transferred that the position for which the judge wants to hear you in a statement in April 2022 was “institutional” and not executive.

Crespo, who has assured not to have received “any notification” of the resolution issued on the 21st day ordering the practice of various evidentiary proceedings, has stressed that he is “absolutely calm” before his summons at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, and that he has “nothing to hide” in relation to the facts that are being investigated about a possible illegal financing of the PP in Almería.

“Mr. Marín and Mr. Moreno are as calm as this counselor is, absolutely calm,” she said when asked at a press conference about whether the vice president of the Board and leader of Ciudadanos would have asked for her dismissal and about what has been done to her. The President of the Andalusian Government, Juanma Moreno, was transferred as a result of knowing the car.

Crespo has appeared after the holding of the Governing Council and has affirmed that he has held all public positions in his long career “in accordance with the law” and has defended “honesty and trustworthiness” both in his “public and private life.” “I have a modest house, which I have paid for with the sweat of my brow, and I have nothing to hide, so I am absolutely calm,” he insisted.

Crespo has pointed out that the Presidency of the Association of Tourism Promoters of Poniente de Almería held it because it was “rotating” among the town councils of the region, and has remarked that it was an “institutional” position as then first mayor of Adra, without executive functions , since the agreements were signed “only” with the Ministry of Tourism and the works were “awarded” by local entities.

In addition, as specified, when the City Council of La Mojonera, then governed by the popular José Cara, awarded the work, one of which is under judicial investigation, she was no longer president of the association. “According to what the media have published, the work was awarded in 2012 and I stopped being president in 2011,” he remarked.

Crespo, who has transferred as a “public position” his “absolute availability” to “collaborate” in the investigation of the cause known as ‘Hispano Almería’ or ‘Terminus’, has pointed out that within the promoters association there were mayors ” of all political signs “, that the agreements were adopted” unanimously “and that” only “was signed with the Ministry of Tourism.

“The facts for what is required of me are very clear, very forceful and I am very clear that I have always, always, always, acted in accordance with the law,” he moved to add that “never” has been mayor of La Mojonera.

In this line, he stressed that the subsidy included in the criminal case for the construction of a museum in this municipality had “the approval” of the council then governed by the PSOE and recalled that, during his term between 2009 and 2011 of the association, “my friend, the mayor of Vícar, the socialist Antonio Bonilla, was the general secretary.”

“What I want to convey is that everything is very clear and that I am very calm about this case and the full disposition of justice and of whoever wants to know these facts with transparency,” he concluded.


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