Sunday, October 1

The accused of running over the cyclist Alejandro Valverde and fleeing was a civil guard

The 69-year-old driver accused of the alleged intentional outrage suffered by the cyclist Alejandro Valverde and two Movistar teammates last Saturday in the Murcian district of Javalí Viejo was a civil guard, as reported on Tuesday to EFE his lawyer, Ariane Santiago.

The accused was stationed for several years in the Basque Country and also worked for a time as an assistant at the Murcia Institute of Legal Medicine.

The head of the Court of Instruction number 3 of Murcia, acting as a guard, decreed provisional release for the accused on Monday.

Apparently, moments before the outrage last Saturday, the cyclists reproached him for overtaking the group without keeping the safety distance and later ran over three of them, according to sources collected by Europa Press. The cyclists took the data from the vehicle once it fled. The 69-year-old detainee appeared at the police station to confess his participation in the event that same day.

The magistrate explains that, although there are indications of a possible crime against road safety, injuries and abandonment of the scene of the accident, it is not appreciated that the requirements that would justify pre-trial detention (risk of flight, concealment or destruction of evidence or preventing the repetition of criminal). He must appear when summoned by the court hearing the case and, in any case, on the 1st and 15th of each month.

The judge has also agreed to the intervention of the vehicle he was driving and the withdrawal of his driving license as a precautionary measure.