Friday, June 9

The actors Juan Diego Botto and Judit Martín and the former magistrate Martín Pallín, among the supporters of Ada Colau

More than 300 personalities from different fields have signed a manifesto in support of the mayoress of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, ahead of the municipal elections this Sunday. The text and the list of signatories, which can be consulted at the end of this information, is signed, among others, by the actors Juan Diego Botto and Judit Martín, the emeritus magistrate of the Supreme Court José Antonio Martín Pallín, the comedian Facu Díaz, and the singer and activist Samantha Hudson.

The manifesto supports the changes undertaken in Barcelona by the Colau town hall “in the face of resistance from great economic powers”, which it accuses of promoting “smear campaigns and lawfare strategies”, despite the fact that none of the complaints against the mayor or your team have ended up in court. “But Barcelona has resisted and has continued to advance because the political and collective project of the city is stronger than private interests,” reads the text.

“Barcelona has recovered its distinctive features of social justice, democratic radicalism and the fight for the constant improvement of the lives of its neighbors, especially in the most humble neighbourhoods”, asserts the manifesto, which considers that the Catalan capital “deserves to continue moving forward, look to the future with optimism and consolidate the change with Ada Colau at the helm of a progressive government”.

Among the signatories, from the cultural field, the actors Juan Diego Botto, Alberto San Juan, Antonio de la Torre and Judit Martín stand out, the writer Rosa Regàs, the filmmakers Elena Martín and Mar Coll, the playwright Guillem Clua, the theater director Mario Gas , the writer Miqui Otero or the journalists Elizabeth Duval and Ana Polo.

From the academy and the university are the professor of Criminal Law Mercedes García Arán, the professor of Constitutional Law Javier Pérez Royo, the sociologist and former minister Manuel Castells or the professor of Economics Jordi Roca. Also signing the manifesto are former prosecutors José María Mena and Carlos Jiménez Villarejo.

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