Thursday, December 1

The actress María León denounces the police officers who arrested her for illegal detention, injuries and against moral integrity

The legal representatives of the actress María León have filed a complaint in the Seville guard court for alleged crimes of illegal detention, injuries and against moral integrity for the events that occurred at dawn on October 1. It should be remembered that the actress was released on bail, investigated for an alleged crime of assault on authority, after allegedly assaulting a local police officer. She has denied “having attacked anyone” and has claimed to be the “victim of police abuse.”

The Andalusian Association for Human Rights warns of “irregularities” in the arrest of actress María León

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As explained to this newspaper by the lawyer José Antonio Sires, who defends the actress in this matter together with Carla Vall, the complaint was filed on Friday and they have released a brief note to the press with the intention of not offering further details. of the case. The complaint will be added to the preliminary proceedings already instructed by one of the Seville courts, he explained.

The prison area Association for Human Rights of Andalusia (APDHA) filed a complaint with the Spanish Ombudsman against the Secretary of State for Security and the Seville City Council after the arrest of actress María León. They point out that the case “exemplifies three types of widespread irregularities among the authorities: the dissemination of press releases that presuppose the guilt of citizens, discouraging the recording of police actions and unnecessary transfers to police facilities.”