Tuesday, February 20

The actress María León is released on bail after being arrested in Seville accused of assaulting a local police officer

The actress María León, 38, has been arrested this morning in Seville accused of a crime of assault on authority for allegedly punching and kicking a Local Police officer, while resisting being taken to a police station, sources from the Seville City Council confirm.

The events occurred around five in the morning in the vicinity of Avenida María Luisa in the Seville capital where, according to the Police version, several agents responded to the notice about a cyclist who was showing signs of drunkenness, carrying a crystal glass and crossing several lanes of the avenue, with risk to his physical integrity, according to various media. He subsequently exceeded double the blood alcohol level.

While the breathalyzer test was being carried out, a group of people, including León, who is currently filming in Seville, began to rebuke the agents and record the scene with their mobile phones. The Police asked for their identification, but the actress did not carry her DNI, so they urged her to go to the police station in a patrol car.

It was at that moment that the tension soared. Always according to the municipal version, the actress’s companions surrounded the vehicle, while she screamed from inside; One of them opened the door and León prepared to leave, something that an agent tried to prevent, who was the one who received the punch in the face and the kicks in the legs. The uniformed woman later had to receive medical assistance. León was then arrested and taken to the police station, to go to court.

The Court of Instruction number 18 of Seville, on duty, has agreed this noon the provisional release of the actress, who remains under investigation for an alleged crime of attack on authority. The detainee availed herself of her constitutional right not to testify. The Court will continue with the practice of new proceedings in the coming days.