Friday, January 21

The agricultural sector continues to be concerned about the rise in inputs, Mida studies alternatives

Various alternatives to lower production costs, including the use of organic fertilizer, were among others the topics discussed during a meeting held the Minister of Agricultural Development, Augusto Valderrama with various sectors involved in the country’s rice activity. The issue of increased production costs has also been raised by other sectors such as corn and other agricultural products, in meetings with the owner of the Mida.

Valderrama raised create a technical commission to see the financing part and review the various alternatives exposed, because according to what he said in this crisis of the rise in inputs, it is necessary to do the basics so that this sector continues to produce.

He stressed that it is important for everyone to maintain goodwill, because if you work together making the effort to find solutions, you will appear.

The Mida press release highlights that in this meeting, where rice producers from various regions participated, representatives of the National Association of Millers (Analmo) and the National Association of Distributors of Agricultural Inputs (Andia), it was added that lThe committee will review the issue of financing with some state and private banks, and will analyze production costs for no later than January 15 have a clear picture in this activity.

César Cruz, president of the Association of Rice Producers of Panama East and Darien stated that this meeting arose after reviewing the increase in input costs, especially fertilizers, and that progress has been made in alternation and created the commission to see all the mechanisms in order to lower production costs.

The activity presented the initiative of a group of entrepreneurss that have produced an organic fertilizer product Abo plus based on mackerel, which has been stored at the Presidente Remón Racetrack for about 65 years.

The General Director of the IMA, Carlos Motta and the Director of IDIAP, Arnulfo Gutiérrez, among others, also participated in this meeting.