Friday, June 9

The AI ​​now does a Balenciaga commercial with Harry Potter | Digital Trends Spanish

The AI ​​continues to do its thing to the disbelief of the most skeptical, as a stunning new deepfake video reimagines the cast of Harry Potter as a 1980s-style advertisement for the Spanish luxury fashion house Balenciaga.

The clip, titled “Harry Potter by Balenciaga» and created by Patreon user demonflyingfox, it even uses fake voices trained on the original cast.

Harry Potter by Balenciaga

“What is the difference, Potter, between H&M and Balenciaga?” he asks rhetorically to the protagonist of the story, a professor reinvented Snape.

Snape goes from a dirty, black-haired professor draped in robes to a chiseled leather jacket and high-collared supermodel, while Dumbledore twirls his decorated wizard cap for a stylish wide-brimmed leather hat and round sunglasses. obscured.

Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk seems to be impressed by the machine learning algorithm’s work, answering to the video with two fire emojis.

“I’m constantly brainstorming what mixes and mixes of popular media might work,” demonflyingfox said. to Dazed. “I quickly realized that these have to be as unexpected as possible, but they still make sense. With his innocent and naive vibe, it worked surprisingly well to put Harry in a “cold world” adult setting.

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