Saturday, December 4

The algorithms of social networks will be controlled by a public agency: the Government will monitor how AI is applied

The Government has put the focus on algorithms. Following a proposal from Más País, it has been agreed the creation of one Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence. An entity that will have the objective of controlling the algorithms of social networks and supervising their application.

This agency will be a state body with its own assets and autonomy in its management, as specified in the agreed amendment. For this will be used 5 million euros in the next General Budgets.

In addition to social networks, the algorithms applied to distributors will be monitored

The specific function of this agency is “the minimization of significant risks to the safety and health of people, as well as to their fundamental rights, which may derive from the use of artificial intelligence systems.” The idea is to create a algorithm audit, both for social networks as well as the one in charge of monitoring compliance with the new regulation of algorithms that was introduced with the ‘Rider Law’.

With the ‘Rider Law’ it was included that digital platforms had to report the algorithm applied to the organization. In article 64 of the Workers’ Statute, a right to information is added by which workers have the right to know the algorithms that affect their working conditions, as well as in the access and maintenance of employment.

This Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence will be responsible for ensuring that digital platforms comply with their new obligation to report on how they apply artificial intelligence to work.

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