Tuesday, July 5

The alleged abuses at the Medina hospital: “I worked with seven orthopedists and only he undressed the patients completely”

The Hospital Comarcal de Medina del Campo (Valladolid) has become a powder keg since 26 workers denounced in writing the irregular conduct of a trauma doctor who, as they reported, carried out “completely libidinous and abusive” examinations on his patients, overreached ” habitually practicing touching without any clinical reason in their mammary organs “and they also suspected that” gynecological “and” without gloves “in” anesthetized patients “or with spinal anesthesia (from the waist down). The Ministry of Health did not know of the workers’ complaint until several days after it occurred and by then, the named doctor had lost his life when he crashed into a truck on the N-601. They had just informed him of the discharge.

Fifth resignation at the Hospital of Medina del Campo: the head of Anesthesia resigns from his position after knowing the case of alleged sexual abuse

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The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the veracity of these statements and the Board is working on confidential information that has already revealed the existence of previous complaints, such as an anonymous notification from 2019 that warned of abuse of a girl on the operating table. Since the case became known, there have been resignations, including those of the hospital manager and its medical director, and the climate has become increasingly rare in the health center. To the extent that a group of 41 professionals has signed another document in which they disagree with the complaint, refer to “generic and vague accusations” and “numerous contradictions” and consider that “insidious manifestations” have been made. For the CSIF union, this second letter is an attempt to intimidate the complainants. But the spiral of silence has been broken.

AMP, a nurse who recently retired and who worked for 30 years at the Hospital de Medina del Campo, does not doubt the statements contained in the complaint. And he does not doubt because he was a witness. He worked in Traumatology for just over two years and consulted with seven professionals in this specialty, in addition to the deceased.

“In this hospital in Medina, the doctors are gods and they support each other unconditionally. I like that this has come out so that things are known and solved in a damn time,” he admits in conversation with elDiario.es. His story is not based on rumors, but on what he experienced while consulting with the traumatologist.

Vulnerable women

“He undressed them completely. They came with a spinal problem and the first thing he told them was to take off their tops and start touching them. But that was not looking at them to touch the spine, it was rubbing. Then, he also ordered them to remove the spine. bra, and when it reached the bottom, because it didn’t matter if it was a cervical or lumbar problem, he made them take off their pants, and he kept touching them everywhere, “he recalls.

This health professional assures that the next thing she did, without communicating it to the patient, was to put on a glove, use lubricant, and give them a touch, although she cannot determine if it was rectal or vaginal. “They did not say anything, a doctor was touching them, and also many were rather vulnerable: very young or Latin American or Romanian women who did not dare to question what they were doing. He always did it with women who were not over forty. and so many, yes, “he adds. He only remembers one occasion when a young but elderly girl, who was accompanied by her mother, refused to take off her pants. “They left the consultation and went directly to Patient Care to change doctors. I told them they were doing well,” he recalls.

“I commented on it and it was not given importance”

The nurse never found these kinds of scans normal. “That blew me away and I discussed it with two colleagues from Traumatology. They said it was to see if there was a problem with the tailbone, but the other traumatologists I worked with didn’t do it. They didn’t undress them either. at most they asked them to raise their blouses. When I saw her sit on a stool, I made them take off their clothes and put on their gloves, I sneaked out of the office, I couldn’t see it, “he says.

He never saw the same procedure in older men or women. “I asked them directly for an MRI,” he says. “I did not know what to do or what to say, I commented on it by the hospital and it was not given importance. I support the colleagues who have signed the letter. It is true, it was not normal behavior,” he says. He does recognize that the deceased was a “good doctor” and that he had “very good hands to operate.”