Wednesday, October 27

The Almeida government will pay ten million annually to maintain the tennis Open in the capital until 2030

The tennis Open will continue to be held in Madrid until 2030 after the agreement reached between the City Council and businessman Gerard Tsobanian, president and CEO of Madrid Trophy Promotion. The first edition was held in 2002. After a closed time and without holding the tournament in the Caja Mágica, now the government of José Luis Martínez-Almeida has managed to keep it held in the capital. The mayor stressed during the signing ceremony that the investment does not mean an increase in spending for the council compared to the above, and will continue to be about 10 million euros per year. The act has also attended the vice mayor, Begoña Villacís, the Delegate of Culture, Tourism and Sports of Madrid, Andrea Levy, Manolo Santana, and Feliciano López, director of the Mutua Madrid Open.

The agreement reached between the City Council and Madrid Trophy Promotion also includes the construction of an additional clue, close to the outdoor tracks, with an approximate capacity of more than eight thousand people and which will respond to the demands of the ATP and the WTA. According to the data provided by the government itself, the agreement includes the economic contributions agreed for its celebration, which comprise 38 million euros approved at the last Governing Board to enable the celebration of this tournament and for 50% of the necessary investments destined to the construction of infrastructures, as well as the additional investment contributed by Madrid Destino (43.7 million euros plus VAT).

During a brief intervention, Martínez-Almeida pointed out: We are committed so that the tournament continues to grow and it will also have a new infrastructure that will allow it to continue to consolidate. It will allow us to increase the advertising impact and the tourist capacity because the expected return is higher than what we invest. “The mayor has especially thanked all the municipal groups for” the unity and support “they have given to be able to close that agreement that is going to continue to “give prestige” to sport and “boost tourism in the capital.” According to the municipal government, the repercussion for the capital of this sporting event supposes an economic impact of more than 107 million euros and will generate 3,400 jobs. , has underlined the will of the City Council that Madrid is known as “the world capital of sport.”

During the event, a video of Rafa Nadal was broadcast, who was the winner of five titles (2005, 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2017), since he could not be in the presentation but he recorded a video with a message of “thanks to all those who make the tournament possible”. Nadal stressed that he considered that “we are privileged” because “many countries would give a lot of money to have a tournament of this category”. “We are all a reference and we must take care of it,” he has asked.

Also Feliciano López as director of the Mutua Madrid Open thanked everyone present for that “special” day and stressed that it is something “very nice” that they have completed “almost 20 years of relationship with this tournament” and highlighted the work done by Manolo Santana that “without his help it would have been very difficult to get to where I have arrived.” “We look forward to the 20th anniversary of the tournament next year,” he concluded.

For his part, Gerard Tsobanian highlighted the “luck to be in this tournament from the beginning” which “means many things because they have been twenty years of relationship in which we have gone through all kinds of moments”. As he added, “the tournament has grown very quickly in these 20 years and we can say that we are the fifth or sixth most important of all those in different countries.” He also recalled the impact it will have for local businesses and employment in the capital. “The marriage works, so why stop it if it works so well?”, He joked with the mayor, pointing out that the signing of now “is a logical continuation” to host that important sporting event.

The next edition, 2022, will be held between April 26 and May 8 and will once again feature some of the best players in the international ranking.