Thursday, July 7

The Almudena Grandes stamp is now available to send letters and postcards

The stamp dedicated to the late writer Almudena Grandes that Correos announced in December can now be obtained and, with it, send letters, postcards or packages, collect it or keep it as a treasure inside a book.

Almudena Grandes, the writer who refused to forget

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This stamp is issued within the series women writers and is part of the collection #8MTodoElAño, which the Spanish postal service dedicates to emblematic women in the fight for equality.

It has been drawn by the illustrator Isa Muguruzaartist recognized for a personal, realistic, psychedelic style that empowers the female body, usually in violet and pink colors, and author of Venuscentrism (Destiny, 2020).

The one dedicated to the author of the series of novels Episodes of an endless war, is the first of the aforementioned Writers series, in the same line of highlighting relevant women, as the Women in Science and Women in Sports collections already do, which include stamps dedicated to the Aragonese mathematician Maria Andresa Casamayor de la Coma, to the athlete Blanca Fernández Ochoa, to the women who won the first Olympic medals for Spanish women’s teams and to the biochemist Margarita Salas.

In addition to the stamp dedicated to Clara Campoamor, Isabel Zendal and, now, Almudena Grandes, the other five women to whom Correos will dedicate a stamp from the #8MTodoElAño collection are Dolors Aleu, Concepcion Arenal, Elidà Amigó, María Blanchard and Luisa Roldán (The Roldana). All stamps in this series have been designed by Muguruza.

You can buy it at Post Office or in the philatelic services of the postal company.

Almudena Grandes passed away last November, prematurely orphaning thousands of readers who learned to better listen to post-war memory. On Book Day, dedicated a tribute to her by inviting some twenty authors in Spanish to read the same text of hers, blowing up her different accents.