Saturday, September 25

The altercations and large bottles return to Barcelona on the last night of the Sants festivities

The Fiestas de Sants have said goodbye this Saturday with another night and early morning of massive bottles and riots. As in previous days, thousands of people have gathered in the Parque de la España Industrial and the surrounding streets from quarter to one in the morning when the last musical performance of the alternative festival has ended. From there, the young people, mostly without masks, have continued the party in the park until after four in the morning the Guàrdia Urbana and the Mossos have begun to evict them.

In one of the entrances to the park cut off by the police, two young people who were trying to get out from the side have fallen from a wall of about three meters and one of them had to be evacuated by ambulance. In total, the Sistema d’Emergències Mèdiques (SEM) has counted this Sunday five people attended last night, three of them mild and two considered less serious.

The images that have been seen this Saturday in the Parque de la España Industrial have been practically the same as those of the last few days. Once the official acts of the main festival were over, groups of young people loaded with bags and even refrigerators with drinks followed the party in the park.

As the night progressed and the alcoholic state of the attendees worsened, several fights have been recorded. In one of them, a boy had a glass bottle broken on his head and he had to be treated by health teams.

Two young people who have fallen from a wall of about three meters while trying to leave the park have also been treated. Mamadou, who is the one who called the SEM, explains that the police have cut off one of the entrances to the park and that many young people have jumped over the wall to avoid having to turn around. These two have fallen ill and one of them has been evacuated by ambulance after hurting his leg. “If they had not closed the door this would not have happened,” he lamented.

After four in the morning Guardia Urbana and Mossos d’Esquadra have proceeded to vacate the park. At this time, as in the early hours of Friday, there have been some incidents such as bottle launches.

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