Thursday, October 28

The alternative candidate to Andueza obtains the guarantees and there will be primaries to replace Mendia in the PSE-EE

There will be primaries in the PSE-EE for the membership to vote who will be the substitute or substitute for Idoia Mendia after seven years as general secretary. If the great favorite, Eneko Andueza (Eibar, 1979), parliamentary spokesman and general secretary in Gipuzkoa, has already managed to overcome the minimum guarantee threshold in a short time to be a candidate, so has the one presented as an alternative to continuity, the exedile in Basauri Soraya Morla, 50 years old. Voting will take place on the Todos los Santos bridge (Saturday, October 30), there will be a previous campaign and the process will end with the congress already scheduled for November 20 and 21.

Eneko Andueza, a new generation born in democracy to lead the Basque socialists

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Morla, hours before the end of the term, has presented 118 endorsements, 19 more than 2% of the total census (of about 5,000 people). They will have to be validated by the Guarantee Commission, but it is a formalism that does not have to cancel the candidacy, since 20% of them would have to be considered irregular. The already candidate has assured that she obtained these supports in the first days but that she received calls from some signatories to revoke them. “We do not know the reasons,” Morla said in a public appearance. But, according to Europa Press, it has denounced that the process so far “has not been kind” and that it has tried to “undermine its image.” “We hope they are validated and that the comrades of the PSE-EE have the opportunity to vote,” he added before wishing a “friendly”, “clean” and “quiet” primary.

The concurrence of a second candidacy does not reduce the favoritism of Andueza, who has received the support of the previous Mendia team, the lehendakari and historical leader of the PSE-EE Patxi López and the socialist councilors of the Basque Government, in addition to the powerful group of Eibar of which it is part. Morla, on the contrary, even lost the 2019 primaries in his hometown for the candidacy of the municipal elections. While Andueza has indicated that he will combine “loyalty” to the agreements with the PNV with “free hands” to seek other leftist pacts, Morla has openly questioned alliances with the nationalists.

This initial guarantee process has not made the weight of each candidacy visible, since a limit of 4% was established to encourage participation. In the previous process, Mendia collected 3,213 signatures, that is, more than half of the affiliation. His rival, Unai Ortuzar, on the contrary, did not pass the screening of guarantees and the vote did not take place. Then he would lead a division called Solidaria that has not had institutional representation. At that time, the PSE-EE census was substantially higher, so it is suspected that it has lost about 400 affiliates in four years.

In the case of the territories, which are also undergoing their renewal processes, in all cases there is only one candidate. In Bizkaia, Mikel Torres will continue as Secretary General and in Álava the same happens with Cristina González. In Gipuzkoa, on the other hand, Andueza’s departure motivates a change although within the continuity José Ignacio Asensio will assume the position, who is now a provincial deputy in Gipuzkoa in the coalition with the PNV led by Markel Olano.

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