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The ambitious idea that gave birth to the Transformers series | Digital Trends Spanish

These days a new installment of the successful Transformers saga is being recorded in Cusco, Peru, called Rise of the Beasts.

This series of films began in 2007, with its first version by director Michael Bay and with Shia LaBeouf as the protagonist.

However, this franchise began much earlier, in the early eighties, when the Hasbro company wanted to launch in the United States a line of toys inspired by a group of convertible robots, which ended up being known precisely as Transformers.

To make the launch of these accessories more successful, the company developed an animated series that would serve as a context for the toys and help generate excitement among the public for the imminent release of the action figures.

To this end, Hasbro partnered with Marvel, the idea was that both could develop the same business model that was used for GI Joe.

Let’s do it

The start of the works was not easy, as the creative team had to face several obstacles, especially in the face of Hasbro’s position, which rejected the initial ideas about the series.

The animated production was in charge of Marvel Productions and Sunbow. Meanwhile, the animation was made by Japanese studios Toei and Tokyo Movie Shinsha. South Koreans from AKOM also participated.

Thus, the animated series began airing on September 17, 1984 (today it turns 37) and ended on November 11, 1987.

Its script was written by George Arthur Bloom and is an adaptation of the comics developed by Marvel Comics, although the story takes a certain distance from the plot of the original work.

The series had a successful launch and was very well received by younger audiences. Together with the comic, this work formed the basis of the ideas that were developed later through the films and in other adaptations that emerged from this universe.

Thus, the main idea showed two factions of opposing robots from the planet Cybertron, which must leave that place to go in search of resources.

Both sides crash into Earth, hibernate for millions of years, and resume their fight in the 1980s, this time on our planet.

The good news for Hasbro is that the premiere of the animated series made the launch of the toy line also a success and that the Transformers franchise remains one of the most important in the industry today.

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