Thursday, May 19

The AMPAS of nursery schools from 0 to 6 years old resort to justice to prevent Ayuso from dismantling them

The AMPAS of nursery schools from 0 to 6 years old, to which the Community of Madrid has ruled to close the second cycle of Early Childhood Education, do not resist seeing their educational model die. For this reason, they have appealed the order of the Community of Madrid before the Superior Court of Justice (already admitted for processing) and requested precautionary measures to stop the ongoing registration process.

Since the intention to close the classrooms from three to six years in the direct management schools that have them became known, the activity of their AMPAS and AFAS has been frantic to try to reverse the order. They have carried out imaginative mobilizations, which have ranged from gatherings to embrace their little schools to children’s demonstrations on Children’s Day in Tetouan, through rallies in front of the Madrid Assembly.

The claim has had the support of many groups involved in education, such as the Early Care teams of the Community of Madrid, which have published a text in which they state that the disappearance of schools with two infant cycles is a bad news for the good treatment of the evolutionary development and the needs of the little ones. University professors from the UAM psychology faculty have also published a letter of support for families who want to prevent the closure.

In addition, the families have gone wherever they have wanted to listen and have filed requests with the Ombudsman, the DAT (Territorial Area Directorate) Madrid Capital, or the Transparency Council, among other administrative bodies.

Pilar, from the AMPA of the Los Ángeles Infant School, in Tetuán, explains the loss that the closure entails:

“The Ministry of Education, the DAT Madrid Centro, mistreats us. They are going to make a widely recognized educational gem disappear. And with it another jewel of the associative fabric: the AMPAS, since the educational model from 0 to 6 years promotes stability in the association, long-term projects, neighborhood networks. Unfortunately there are no AMPAS in nursery schools from 0-3, or they are not known. Ours is, as a father said, the heritage of Tetouan. With constant work to make inclusion its flag, to open the school to the neighborhood, to promote mutual help, to carry out projects that transcend the center itself and improve the lives of all people. If they eliminate the 2nd cycle of our school, what will become of all this legacy?”

The affected schools are El Zofío, La Jara and San Fermín (Usera); El Zaleo and Los Girasoles (Puente de Vallecas); Los Títeres (Carabanchel), and Los Ángeles and La Plazuela (Tetuán). Its AMPAS are setting up a whole structure to raise money to face legal actions, which includes designing t-shirts and cloth bags, markets, biscuits, or launching a crowdfundingwhich will launch shortly.

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