Thursday, October 28

The Ana Rosa strategy

Éric Zemmour is the latest example of the excrescence that can arise from journalism and the media to do politics. The ex-columnist of Le Figaro has taken advantage of the spaces that the televisions gave him to take advantage of Marine Le Pen’s path of normalization and show himself as the representative of France without complexes. The extreme right and the media have always had a very enriching love affair for both parties. The strategy used by Zemmour in France is known in a country like ours in which, for now, the big names of far-right journalism have preferred to use subordinates in power rather than rush to achieve it.

Ana Rosa Quintana is its greatest representative. The queen of the mornings decided to undertake a systematic attrition strategy against the coalition government during the pandemic. It is not a legitimate editorial position that, based on a liberal-conservative ideology, has a critical approach and through certain information, research and a position contrary to government measures, exercises its professional work. No, it is about lying, repeatedly and even when it is warned of the lie. It is about continuing to insist on the lie, aware of its great power of dissemination, and not apologizing. Because it is not a free journalistic decision, but rather a political campaign that seeks to make their interests prevail using the media as an artifice. Journalism is just the way you hide a direct way to intervene in politics to more effectively achieve your interests.

Ana Rosa Quintana begins her program with a sermon against everything that smells of the left that she reads with difficulty in her autocue. In one of his slow-paced and less rigorous philippics, he accused José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero of being responsible for the Official Secrets Law in 2010. The soflama was based on the statement of Arancha González Laya, who availed himself of said law to argue that the information that the judge requested in the Brahim Galli case was a confidential matter. Ana Rosa lied, the Official Secrets Law is from 1968, by Francisco Franco. At first, it could be considered that he had made a mistake and that he confused passing a law to apply it in its article 4, which was what happened in a 2010 Council of Ministers when foreign communications were declared secret.

But no, he was not confused. Because the message he wrote on Twitter to try to defend himself from his manipulation hid a mistake so gross that it could only be hidden with a public apology in the program he directs and presents. The sentence is the epitome of what Ana Rosa combines: “In that Council of Ministers chaired by Zapatero on October 15, 2010, the Government modified the 68 cover-up law expanding official secrets, but it was not published in the BOE as reported by the newspaper Público in this article ”. Modify a law without being published in the BOE. The outrage is commented alone. But she knows that she can lie, because her purpose is not to inform, but to influence the direction that suits her political and economic interests.

I have always been aware of having been used as an element that served to give it the appearance of plurality. Knowing it helps to use that space with greater criteria by being aware that I play in hostile terrain. I was able to directly witness how a communication medium like The AR program builds the pillars on which successes such as Eric Zemmour’s in France are forged. When he participated in the program and it was still believed that he would have with me the capacity for dressage that he usually shows with his fellow members of the “left”, Javier Ortega Smith was interviewed at the table. In a publicity break I saw my chair taken away from me to put it behind the cameras. Without further explanation, I was pushed away from participating in the interview. I do not know if eliminating myself from the interview so that I could not ask the leader of VOX in Madrid was a request from the post-fascists or it came from the lady of the mornings. I only know that it worked in his favor so that there was no one uncomfortable at the table to disturb the VOX Falangist’s speech. His program is not to confront hate speech, but to allow it to be proclaimed without any dam.

FAPE, in an obscene exercise of forgetfulness, this week asked the media and journalists to stand up to hate speech. A press association that left unprotected the few journalists who have always fought that speech when it did not affect them and that has never dared to give names and surnames to those media and journalists who are only platforms for the dissemination of speeches. of hatred to help those parties that capitalize on it and thus favor their own economic interests. Ana Rosa Quintana is not Eric Zemmour because she doesn’t need him. He only pulls the strings to make those who defend his income dance in his place, without staining himself too much, lying and using the tremendous power of his program to give wings to fascism.

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