Thursday, September 16

The Andalusian Government does not rule out extending the budgets if there is no agreement with Vox

The Minister of Finance and European Finance, Juan Bravo, does not rule out having to extend the current budgets of the Junta de Andalucía if finally there is no agreement with Vox or with the rest of the political forces in the Andalusian Parliament, although he has insisted that the objective with The one that works is to have the necessary support to carry out the 2022 budgets.

Marín opens the door to extend the Board’s budget for 2022 with the argument that it will be an electoral year

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Bravo, who has visited Ibros (Jaén), has indicated in statements to the media that he has already held “some meetings” with Vox and that he will also have them with the rest of the groups to carry out the 2022 budgets, in which Work has already been done since last June.

“Our great commitment is to keep the budgets because we understand that it is good for Andalusia and for the Andalusians,” said Bravo. He added that the three budgets approved so far have served so that “Andalusia is the community with the largest number of self-employed, the second in business creation, and the second or third in job creation,” said the counselor to defend the need for new budgets.

If not, “maybe at any given time we will have to use the extended budgets, but our objective today is to try to approve some budgets and have them as we have done in the previous three years.”

He added that the will of the Andalusian Government is “agreement, consensus and dialogue”, so the idea is to continue working on the accounts for the next financial year.

“I want to think that we will be able to get the budgets with Vox. If the other formations do not want to support the budget, the option is the extended budget,” said the counselor, while pointing out that “there is still time” to reach an agreement that gives the green light to what would be the fourth budgets of the legislature.