Monday, March 27

The Andalusian PSOE urges Moreno to give “explanations” for the imputation of his counselor in “the Andalusian Gürtel”

The Andalusian PSOE has urged the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, to give explanations after a judge from Almería has decided to summon the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Carmen Crespo, as investigated, for alleged illegal charges of a Almeria construction company related to an irregular financing of the PP in this province that the Socialists describe as the possible “Andalusian Gürtel”.

This is how the secretary of Organization of the PSOE-A, Noel López, has pronounced in a statement after the judicial summons of Crespo on April 8 as investigated for her time as president of the Association of Tourist Promoters of Poniente Almeriense, an entity that would have been involved in the management of grants to the City Council of La Mojonera for the construction of a museum of Agriculture that was awarded to a joint venture in which the construction company Hispano Almería SA was located, on which it has been investigated for several years for alleged payments of commissions .

Given these data, López has demanded that Moreno give explanations for his “very delicate” situation for the possible “Andalusian Gürtel”, after the judicial investigation of his Minister of Agriculture for alleged illegal charges from an Almeria construction company, something framed in the investigation of the presumed existence of “a box B of the PP to finance electoral campaigns”.

After recalling that the management of the institutions in Almería during the governments of the PP “has always been under suspicion”, the ‘number two’ of the PP has stressed that Moreno has “the opportunity not to hide and to apply the same level of demand in transparency and exemplarity that is requested from other parties and demanded by citizens in cases of alleged corruption such as those investigated by the court in Almería. ”

In this sense, López has stressed that what is being investigated “is not private individuals who act in isolation, but rather a presumed procedure, a supposedly illegal financing scheme that has already been tried at the national level and that would repeat the operating scheme “, so it has concluded that” what is being investigated with the accusation of Crespo is the alleged illegal financing of the Andalusian PP “.

In his opinion, an alleged “plot” is being investigated due to the existence of “alleged illegal financing and commissions for adjudications, as well as the alleged existence of a PP B box to finance municipal campaigns in Almería”, which is why he warns of that “if these extremes investigated by the judge are confirmed, we would be facing an Andalusian Gürtel sitting every Tuesday in the Board’s Governing Council.”

“It is a very delicate situation on which there is no room for anything other than Moreno to take the lead and give all the explanations,” concluded Noel López.