Sunday, December 4

The anti-abortion and pro-Putin ultra-Catholic Lorenzo Fontana, president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies

Two representatives of the extreme right assume from this Friday the two most important institutional positions in Italy, after the President of the Republic. After the election on Thursday of Ignazio La Russa, the right-hand man of Giorgia Meloni, for the presidency of the Senate, the majority that won the elections on September 25 voted for the League’s deputy secretary general, Lorenzo Fontana, as president of the Chamber of Deputies. While the vote on La Russa showed the divisions of the right-wing coalition and the apathy over the distribution of the portfolios of the next Government, this time Brothers of Italy, the League and Forza Italia appeared united, despite Silvio’s discomfort Berlusconi for how the negotiations for the formation of the new Executive are progressing. Fontana was elected with 222 votes in favor. A few minutes earlier, on the Democratic Party bench, three deputies had hung a large banner that read “No to a homophobic and pro-Putin president.”

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Fontana, 42, who has grown up politically in the League in which he entered very young, is considered one of the most loyal party members to Salvini, who has been a witness at his wedding and with whom, the Italian newspaper tells the post, shared a flat when both were MEPs. He was precisely one of the promoters of the League’s entry into the Identity and Democracy group, where the National Association of Marine Le Pen is also present. He was Minister of the Family between 2018 and 2019 and then in 2019 Minister of European Affairs, despite his Eurosceptic positions.

Ultra-Catholic and ultra-conservative, Fontana is known for his anti-abortion positions — he is a member of what is known as “Committee No. 194” after the name of the law that guarantees the right to abortion in Italy — and against civil unions and same-sex marriage. He has participated in several demonstrations of the anti-abortion, anti-feminist and anti-LGTBI movements, such as the World Congress of Families that in 2019 brought together organizations from all over the world in Verona, his hometown. In his social networks, he often publishes religious images and on April 25, the day in which Italy remembers the liberation from Nazi-fascism, he celebrates Saint Mark the Evangelist.

In a 2018 book, titled The empty cradle of civilization. The origin of the crisis, talks about the demographic crisis and takes up the theories of ethnic substitution that are very popular on the extreme right. He has also declared himself an admirer of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, “a reference for those who believe in an identity model of society” thanks to the “great Christian religious awakening registered in the country”.

With the election of Fontana and La Russa, the formal steps for the beginning of the legislature are concluded. Starting in the next few days, the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, will begin the round of consultations with the representatives of the parties. If everything goes according to plan, in a few days Giorgia Meloni will receive the task of forming the Government. The list of ministers is not closed. The newspaper La Repubblica published this Friday a photo of Berlusconi in the Senate in which his notes read a direct attack on his coalition partner. Giorgia Meloni. Behavior: 1. stubborn 2. pushy 3. arrogant 4. offensive . No will to change. She is someone with whom you cannot agree ”, she reads herself in the notes. Meanwhile, the change in the country’s institutions has already begun.