Wednesday, December 8

The anti-racist movement in Madrid returns to the streets “against racist violence and hate speech”

“Against racist violence and hate speech” the anti-racist movement in Madrid will demonstrate again tomorrow in a march that has been held in the capital since 2017 to demand the rights of “racialized communities.” The organizers expect a large support for a march with wide-ranging claims and a call to Spanish society to “stop looking the other way.” “The structural violence is so extensive that it is not only about the immediate punitiveness of the forces of order; it is also health, work, social services exclusion “, sums up Verónica Molina, member of the convening anti-racist assembly.

The appointment comes just one week after the death of a black man with mental health problems in a health center in the Villaverde neighborhood due to police shooting, which has inflamed the community, also due to police justifications, that are aimed at self-defense. “The criteria of congruence or opportunity were not met,” Molina censors, who draws attention to the rise of hate speech and its administrative support, of which one of the most criticized examples is the Vox electoral poster before the regional elections , contrasting the well-being of the largest homelands to that of migrant minors. “Hate speeches have produced a right-wing political landscape that is directly transformed into greater violence and institutional racism,” denounces Molina, who also points to the treatment of minors on the borders of Ceuta and Melilla as a shameful example.

The writer Gabriela Wiener, also present in the preparatory discussions for tomorrow’s demonstration, considers “very symbolic and powerful that it is anti-racism that calls and summons not only its community but other social sectors in the Spanish State to stand up and give finally a resounding response to hatred and the politics of hatred that are spreading and normalizing today. ” Wiener denounces that “today in Spain they kill you at the cry of a Moor, they stab you at the cry of a sudaca, a mob who called you a fagot murders you, they throw you off a wall for trans”, events that not only have no repercussions, in his opinion Rather, they are even legitimized in demonstrations like the one that ran through the Chueca neighborhood in September, with Nazi symbols and homophobic insults.

The Aliens Law and its “colonial connotations and racist violence”, as well as the survival of the Foreigners Internment Centers are another focus of the protest. When in police actions “the criterion of dangerousness is marked by race,” as Molina denounces, parallels emerge with situations such as the murder of George Floyd in the United States, which spurred the emergence of the ‘Black lives matter’ movement. The vindication of the figures who in recent decades have been victims of violence because of their race is another of the signs of the convocation, in which the case of Lucrecia Pérez will be remembered again, shot dead by a Civil Guard in 1992 in one of the first cases officially recognized as a product of racism and xenophobia.

“We want those who have the privilege of not being stopped by the police on the street to ask for their ID because of their racial profile, who should not prove their ‘legality’ in this world, who are not afraid of being punished for kissing with their girlfriend or fully live your identity, come with us to the streets, surround us with a cordon of care and shout this Saturday 13N that hatred and racism will not pass and that no human being is illegal, “says Wiener.

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