Wednesday, July 6

The antipodes from here to the side

My grandmother used to tell a very post-war joke about a guy who had stolen a pig and was carrying it on his back dodging threshing-floors and olive groves until the Civil Guard stopped him. “What are you wearing there?”, they rebuked him. The thief stirred in simulated surprise, shook the lump on his shoulder as if it were an insect, and exclaimed: Get out, bug!“. In this campaign, no party wants to know anything about Vox. The left, only if it is to warn of what is coming, and not even that, which is to give fuel; while the right-wingers, who have governed with their support in happy company, abjure daily like Saint Peter before the rooster crows. The strangest contortion is that of President Moreno (until the day before yesterday a fervent defender of the ultras’ constitutionalism), who has just discovered that they do not believe in autonomies, as if he were Captain Renault of White House detecting with false scandal that Rick’s cafe was gambling.

Electoral campaigns are like competitions between traveling theater groups in which each one carries a fanciful script that has little to do with the truth. What matters is to attract the voter and try to make him fall into a hypnotic trance without noticing anything other than the movement of the clock. Everything has been written about the truth. Since the Greek classics, it is a very attractive subject for philosophers and literature. Antonio Machado took special care of her and left, among many others, a sentence for posterity: “The truth is the truth, whether Agamemnon says it or his swineherd.” As it is out of place (and in my spirit) to delve into vast treatises on metaphysics or classical poetry to delve into meditations, rather than the truth, I am going to focus on the facts, which, on the other hand, is the basis on which which journalism stands.

Sol Gallego-Díaz taught me decades ago when she was my boss at El País de Andalucía (recently she has been for the entire newspaper). “Facts must not depend on emotions or feelings or political sympathies and cannot be denied or distorted,” she writes in an article. So as not to get entangled with variables that are susceptible to twisted and shocking interpretations –surely some relativist will come out with the law Campoamor of the glass through which it is seen–, let us look for three demonstrable facts without margin for any alternative. It is a fact that Vox signed a legislature pact with PP and Ciudadanos in 2018 and that there is a document in which the logos of the formations cohabit together and are aligned.

Months ago he placed them without hesitation in the constitutionalist bloc, the cabal, and days ago he chose a new destination for them in the antipodes

It is also true that in the almost four years that the mandate has lasted, three budgets have been negotiated and approved, with emphasis on his tiresome cultural battle. Finally, it is verifiable that in Castilla y León the PP governs in coalition with the ultras, after doing so alone for 35 years; and that Vox has a vice-presidency and three crucial portfolios for any self-respecting executive: nothing less than Industry and Employment, Agriculture and Culture. To these events it is necessary to add the blatant purposes of Vox, a party that aspires to undo most of the structure of the Constitution and that abhors the State of Autonomies, which it considers a gigantic cornucopia of public money (that is: of the taxpayer) to finance his crusade.

Moreno has not come to declare (he has not even implied it) that he rules out governing in coalition with Vox. That is also a fact. He has climbed the branches with skillful detours, always smiling; the rest is the result of the eagerness of his solicitous interpreters. These days he navigates through Vox territory, tightrope walker in hand, balancing with this new detachment towards the former allies. Months ago he placed them without hesitation in the constitutionalist bloc, the Cabal, and days ago he chose a new destination for them in the antipodes. The antipodes from here to the side. Of the aforementioned wickers, that each one sees. “Works are love and not good reasons.” This saying comes from a comedy by Lope de Vega. Today he has given me to quote classics. And to my grandmother, who was too.

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