Wednesday, July 6

The Archbishop of Granada compares the trans law with the Nazi regime because it “converts sentiment into a legal category”

The Archbishop of Granada, Javier Martínez, has considered that the trans and euthanasia laws are “wicked, in a certain sense criminal” and that “whoever is born a man will always be a man, whoever is born a woman will always be a woman. put “. In particular, he argues that the trans law converts a sentiment “into a legal category.” It is at this point where he refers to “it is not the first time that has happened” and compares this issue with “the feeling of superiority of the Aryan race” of the Nazis of the 30s. “Freedom turned into an absolute of what each one can truly do what he wants, turning against himself, has generated the most terrible dictatorships, “he says in his homily. And in this sense, it warns about the laws that (in reference to these two legal texts) “go against the common good.”

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During the homily in the cathedral this Sunday, published by the archdiocese on its website (here you can read in full or listen to it), the prelate has warned that both laws also represent, in his opinion, “an offense to human reason in many ways.”

“That it is necessary to defend that a person can be punished by the law for having said that there is only a man and a woman means that the evidence has fallen. This does not mean any judgment on any person, of any kind, or transsexual … of any class. But reality is reality, “Martinez said.

According to the archbishop, only since the nineteenth century, when human beings have believed themselves to be “creators and owners of Creation” have they thought that it could be changed: “It cannot be changed. Whoever is born a man will always be a man; whoever is born a woman She will always be a woman. Whatever hormones they put on her, do the operations they do. And there is a history of suicides linked to that that is hidden at a time when in the United States this practice was done with newborn children, for ten years and then it was banned. It was banned because many of these children ended up either in mental institutions, or in suicide, “he explained.

“Criminal laws in a sense”

The prelate has maintained that both that of euthanasia and the so-called trans law “are laws, both iniquitous, in a certain sense criminal and before which the Church cannot remain silent.”

“Not only because they signify an immense lack of respect for a people that has just emerged from a pandemic and are approved taking advantage of certain circumstances, so that that people cannot react, or demonstrate, or express their feelings, regardless of whether it is a majority or a minority, “he added.

He has also indicated that he does not ask legislators “who are pagan” to have Christian criteria when legislating, and not even to respect human rights “which are obvious.”

“I just want to tell you to start accepting that our society is not governed by reason. It is governed by criteria of human interests, group interests, power interests, or purely and simply power relations. But the same thing happens with the reason happens with the freedom “, has indicated.

“We are on the way to a third dictatorship, one way or another, because laws are imposed that go against the common good. That the” trans law “, for example, converts sentiment into a legal category,” he said. For this reason, Martínez has appealed to “conscientious objection” and “civil disobedience.”