Wednesday, March 22

The Archbishop of Oviedo is surprised that Parliament investigates the abuse of minors in the Church

Society “has lost its moral horizon.” Pornography “so easily accessible”, education “ideologized by gender” and the “cynical hypocrisy of immorality or amorality”, make a breeding ground for these “despicable tragedies” to continue to be committed. This is the opinion of the Archbishop of Oviedo, Jesús Sanz Montes, who in his last pastoral letter he confuses pederasty (rape of minors) with pedophilia (attraction to minors) and says he is surprised by Parliament’s interest in abuses committed by “clerics”.

The Government assumes the investigation of the sexual abuse of the Church that the bishops threaten to boycott

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The Catholic hierarch believes that the attention that some “bosses and their media terminals” pay to the abuse of minors within the Church is nothing more than a “smokescreen” established by “the governments” of our country. This smoke screen (sometimes “true persistent fog”) would be composed of an amalgam “of lies” that places Christians as “scapegoats”, victims of a “pim-pam-pum”, all to hide “the truth”.

That “truth” would be that “pedophilia” is not “a Christian sin or crime in general and a clerical one in particular”, but rather “of the whole society”. “Where there are minors, there is a risk of perpetrating these crimes”, affirms the archbishop, and appeals to “independent statistical studies” (which he does not cite) to say that the violations of minors committed by clerics are 0.2% of the total: “That is why the interest of a parliament that focuses on this percentage and ignores the remaining 99.8% is surprising.”

Sanz also affirms that the Catholic hierarchy has already set up “spaces and human resources to receive these complaints, for prevention to avoid these terrible abuses.”

“The Church Steals”

The archbishop also considers part of that “slogan that has been pointed out to Christians” the fact of saying that “the Church steals and has to return what has been improperly appropriated.”

Without mentioning the registration process (by which, thanks to a law of the Aznar government, the Catholic hierarchy registered real estate and property that did not belong to it as its own) Sanz thus appears belligerent against the possible return of these properties.

He believes that these messages – that “the Church steals and abuses children and vulnerable people” – will not legally have “any reliable path, but that they will represent an erosion that will be tried to be lasting.”

In the line of Vox and the PP

On February 1, Vox and PP were left alone in Parliament in their refusal to investigate abuses in the Church. Along the same lines as Archbishop Sanz, those of Pablo Casado requested that not only the abuses committed by religious be investigated, but also in other areas.