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The Archbishop of Toledo is not into pop: from the censorship of the Virgin of Zahara to the schism of the video of C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso

Before the start of the pandemic, the Cathedral of Toledo could receive around one million visitors a year, a figure that, in views, has already exceeded the video clip with which the artists C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso have presented their latest song -Ateo’-, recorded in different spaces of the Catholic temple of the Castilian-Manchegan capital. Days ago the Madrid singer warned of “the controversy” that could be generated with his presentation through a promotional video, but the controversy has exceeded expectations with the difference of opinions that different representatives of the Church have shown.

After the video clip began to go viral on Friday morning, the Cabildo de la Catedral Primada has been forced to issue a statement after the reactions it was generating: “It is true that the video uses provocative visual language, but it does not affect faith. It is a language typical of the culture of our time and attention has been paid to the good that it may produce in those far away “, stated in the text the dean of the Cathedral, Juan Miguel Ferrer, who asserted that” the The purpose – of allowing the recording – has been exclusively to favor dialogue with contemporary culture “.

However, just three hours later, the Archdiocese of Toledo issued another statement, this time attributed to the Archbishop of Toledo, Francisco Cerro Chaves, who “regrets and disapproves of the images recorded in the first temple of the Archdiocese.” He also justified that “he was absolutely unaware of the existence of this project, its content and the final result”, and asked “humbly and sincerely forgiveness to all the lay faithful, consecrated persons and priests who have felt justly hurt by this improper use of a sacred place”.

How much has the Cabildo de la Catedral charged for allowing the recording of the video clip?

Among the dozens of comments on social networks that criticized both the recording of the video clip and the subsequent statement from the dean of the Cathedral, several users wondered about the amount that would have been the contract established between the producer of C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso and the Cabildo. Asked by this means, neither the Cabildo nor the Archdiocese have responded about the amount to which the rent of the temple could amount during the day they were recording in mid-September, but different sources transfer that the figure could be between the 15,000 and 30,000 euros.

In this sense, the archbishop also indicated that he promised to “review the procedure followed to prevent something similar from happening again” such as the recording of this video clip. To do this, he points out that a protocol will be drawn up “immediately for the recording of images for public broadcasting in any temple in the Archdiocese.”

“We ask everyone for the respect due to the figure of Holy Mary, Mother of God and our Mother”

While the theme of Tangana y Peluso is described by the Cabildo de la Catedral as an example of “contemporary culture”, the album ‘Puta’ by the artist Zahara was considered by the Archdiocese of Toledo as “a false freedom of expression”. This was stated just a month ago on the occasion of the singer’s concert in the Plaza de Toros de Toledo, a private event in whose promotional poster you could see Zahara representing a virgin with a blue band that reads ‘Puta’ .

“It is never tolerable that under the protection of a false freedom of expression, with mockery of our sacred realities, the religious feelings of thousands of citizens are seriously injured,” he added. Population that this time has been seen on social networks with numerous criticisms of the Cabildo’s decision to rent the Cathedral of Toledo for the recording of ‘Atheist’. Unlike this song, whose lyrics have numerous macho connotations and make direct reference to religiosity, Zahara’s singles address gender violence, machismo and the sexual abuse that she herself suffered.

For their part, in ‘Atheist’ the artists compare love with religion while several priests look at them while they dance. “I was an atheist, but now I believe because a miracle like you had to come down from heaven,” the chorus reads. “Give me the holy water that quenches my thirst” or “You wake up that devil of mine who robs me of all spirituality”, are other of the phrases of the single.

“We ask everyone for the respect due to the figure of Holy Mary, Mother of God and our Mother,” the Archbishopric requested after learning that the Toledo City Council had removed the poster from its website which announced Zahara’s concert after “the unrest aroused by various citizens and groups”, which they did not specify.

However, the Cabildo did not demand the same respect for the Cathedral, a Catholic temple in which entry in suspenders is prohibited, rule not applied during the recording of the video clip ‘Atheist’.

“I hope those people who were so deeply indignant because they thought he was calling the virgin a whore would understand that this photo is a complaint. A complaint about how we are required to be perfect, because of the pressure we feel to be mothers, because of how we are expected to we may be saints and for each and every time we have been called a whore, “said the singer during his concert in Toledo.


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