Monday, September 26

The Archdiocese of Seville supports the felling of the centennial ficus, while activists insist that it is recoverable

The Archdiocese of Seville has shown its respect for the court decision to provisionally suspend the logging license for the emblematic centennial ficus owned by the parish of San Jacinto in Trianaalthough it supports the decision of the parish community, paralyzed after a group appealed for the contentious said municipal authorization granted by the Seville City Council at the behest of the church itself. Meanwhile, the experts who have prepared reports that have been sent to the court by the groups opposed to the elimination of the tree maintain that, despite the bad appearance that it presents when its arms are ripped off, its state “does not leave us in doubt of its Reaction capacity”. “Despite the significant reduction to which it has been subjected, due to its character and capacity, it will most likely be dressed as a leaf and will be able to continue providing its services in the space in which it was planted more than a hundred years ago,” they say.

A judge stops the felling of the centennial ficus of Seville when only the trunk remains

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As for the Archdiocese of Seville, it especially emphasizes its “support, support and understanding of the parish community for the actions carried out throughout this process”, because “the safety of people” and of the temple prevail in them. In a statement, it expresses its “absolute respect and support for the decisions adopted at all times by that parish community”, because “far from being taken lightly, they are the result of a long discernment, trying to safeguard the integrity of the centenary tree but , above all, the safety of people and the building”.

In this sense, the parish priest of San Jacinto alleges “five studies” that, he assures, support the “need” of logging on account of repeated falling branches, the most serious in March 2021 with six injured (three of them hospitalized). ), to which is added the affection of its roots to the structure of the temple itself. Meanwhile, the groups opposed to this measure warn of an “incomprehensible and inadmissible attack” on Seville’s tree heritage, recalling the emblematic nature of this ficus and calling for other solutions. After the work prior to felling that was carried out, paralyzed last Thursday by court order, the tree has been reduced to half of the 24 meters in height it had.

The Archdiocese points out that, “as highlighted in the statement made public by the San Jacinto parish community, the problem dates back to several years, in which accidents have occurred that have forced the parish to adopt a series of measures that have led to the decision to proceed with its felling. This provision, despite not being the one desired by anyone, has already been ratified by the District Board of the Triana neighborhood in view of the events”, recalls the ecclesial institution. Likewise, it states that it respects “the judicial decisions adopted in relation to this case”, while reiterating its “support and understanding of the parish community for the actions carried out throughout this process.”

Experts insist that the tree is recoverable

For its part, the Andalusian Gardening Multisectoral Association (AMJA) has provided in court the analysis of four experts in arboriculture, who insist that the ficus can be recovered. This is stated in the documentation that accompanies their request to expand the precautionary measures already adopted, consulted by Europa Press, in which the four experts (Luis Alberto Díaz, Gerad Passola Parcerissa, Jesús Puerta Domingo and Alejandro Ruiz) maintain that “at the Basal conditions are not observed that could compromise the specimen in a short space of time”.

“The buttresses –they continue after clarifying that it was not possible to carry out a ”previous diagnosis“ of the felling with which to know the state of the ficus– that empower it in the patio and the strong columns that continued to braid, multiplying the reservoir and making it possible additional anchorages, leave us no doubt about their ability to react”.

If “no suspicious condition” occurs, the maintenance and protection tasks such as irrigation “generous in depth and with frequencies marked by the meteorological evolution”, among other measures that technicians from the municipal service of Parks and Gardens have already begun to apply, ” They will help a lot in the mission of making this living landmark continue to see generations pass.” In this line, the experts insist that there must be a multidisciplinary team that, “once the matter has been studied, propose corrective measures to avoid possible conditions” and all this with the “hope in the good treatment of the specimen and its safe recovery for the neighbourhood, the avifauna and health”.

The professional association AMJA was the one that presented an appeal requesting precautionary measures, which was attended by the Contentious Administrative Court number 9 of Seville to suspend the logging license granted by the City Council to the parish. The suspension order came when the workers hired by the church had already completely stripped the tree of its entire crown.