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The areas of Afghanistan where the Islamic State-Khorasan has more presence



Personnel evacuations in Afghanistan were abruptly interrupted by bombings at Kabul airport. After counting the dead and wounded, the explosions were claimed by a faction of the Daesh, the call Levante-Jorasán.

This terrorist group has been based in Afghanistan for a few years and is a rival of the Taliban. The organization is led by Shalab al Muhajir, an expert in urban guerrilla. It is believed that he previously had contact with Al Qaida.

Also known as Islamic State-Khorasan was formed in 2015, with the incorporation of Taliban from Afghanistan and Pakistan disenchanted with the actions of the movement.

At its peak, around 2016, it had in its ranks between 2,500 and 8,500 people, whose main terrorist acts were to attack the Afghan administration.

While the response of the Afghan army and of the USA was to attack this faction and a few years later managed to annul several of its fighters to a maximum of 4,000. Its zone of presence within Afghanistan was in the provinces of Nangarhar y Kunar, on the border of Pakistan.

On the other hand, a UN report revealed that this group, far from being reduced, has increased in recent months. Khorasan has managed to move to other provinces of the Asian country such as Nuristan, Badghis, Sari Pul, Baghlan, Badakhsán, Kunduz and the capital Kabul.

The main Daesh attacks in Afghanistan

In recent years, the main attacks by this Daesh faction in Afghanistan have been against the Afghan authorities, although they have also done it against civilians such as hazara and shiites, according to EP.

Its main actions have taken place in Acceptance and in its vicinity. In fact, it is thought that this group will try to sabotage the new taliban government, since they think that they will not apply the ‘sharia’ in a complete way. They reject the US peace agreement with the Taliban in February 2020, so the two groups could come into conflict.

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