Monday, January 17

The Arga river triples its flow and several accesses to the Landaben industrial park in Pamplona are cut off

The floods are causing significant damage in Pamplona and throughout Navarra. Flows such as that of the Arga have tripled in recent hours and at some points. Among the problems generated by the rains is the closure of the accesses to the Landaben industrial estate, the most important in the provincial community and headquarters of Volkswagen. It can only be reached by the PA-30, according to the part of the 7.30 am. The Provincial Police have had to rescue a driver who was trying to access the polygon through the NA-30.

The rains in Euskadi isolate the Mendaro hospital and cut off two of the main highways

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The Pamplona City Council reports on conditions in various parts of the city such as the Magdalena bridge, the Runa park in la Rochapea or the Curtidores bridge. The underground pedestrian crossing of Avenida San Jorge and Avenida de Navarra and the Beloso slope at the roundabout with Burlada are also closed. Neighbors have also been asked to remove the vehicles for safety if they are parked by the river and the municipal police have transferred those who were in the affected areas to a “safe place.” There are incidents in the rest of the territory due to the meteorological alert.