Wednesday, December 7

The arguments of the Minister of Economy for not breaking with ERC: “Junts is a space of the Government. We are not the CUP”

The members of Junts are taking positions with a view to the consultation on the permanence in the Government that will be held on October 6 and 7. In recent hours, several ministers have lined up in favor of ‘no’ to leaving the Government, while several deputies and even former president Carles Puigdemont have positioned themselves in favor of ‘yes’, although the latter in a veiled manner, by disseminating a article by his former chief of staff, Josep Rius, who is committed to breaking up.

The moment of truth for Together

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On the side of the ‘yes’ to permanence, the voices of the majority of ministers stand out above the rest. Jaume Giró, responsible for the Economy, was the first to position himself for this option and has strongly defended it this Wednesday in an interview on Rac1. “We are a government space. We are not the CUP”, he stated. Giró has expressed that he doubts “a lot” that the ERC wants them out of the Executive, but has made it clear that if this is the most voted option, he will accept it and leave the Government.

One of the reasons why he does not want to leave the Executive is because he is in full negotiations for the 2023 Budgets, for which he has assured that he has already reached a principle of agreement with the Comuns on several points. The conversations with this formation, with which the last two accounts of the Government have been approved, are not closed but are very advanced, he has affirmed.

Victòria Alsina, from Acción Exterior, who joined precisely to campaign for continuity, has spoken out in her line. And also Violant Cervera, Minister of Social Rights, seconded it. “It has cost us a lot to reach the majority of 52% of the independentist votes and if we leave the Government I do not see any possibility of advancing towards independence”, he affirmed. in the Segre newspaper.

Puigdemont defends the “debate” and encourages the exit

One of the most listened to figures within the formation, that of Puigdemont, has opted this Wednesday for the departure of the Executive, by broadcasting on Twitter an article by Rius, vice president of the party and his former chief of staff in the Presidency.

“Faced with the immobility of ERC for breaching the Government pact that we signed and that should lead us to independence, I make my vote public. Yes to Together. Yes to independence. Not in this government”, affirms Rius, who has received a retweet from Puigdemont.

Immediately afterwards, the former president regretted that the “division” or “dissent” that exists in Junts about remaining or not in the Government is being influenced when he has argued that the “debate” within a formation fosters democracy. “There are games in which a single power rules, often a single person, and sometimes the finger of that person. Unique thought, granite block, sectarian defense”, he has expressed, to defend that Junts does the opposite. “The job of leaders, whether in parties or in governments, is to combine this plurality to be able to govern better, to be able to govern more democratically”, he stated, to close with a “welcome to the debate”.

Several of the Junts cadres who have already positioned themselves in favor of leaving the Executive come from the former president’s environment. It is, beyond Rius, the deputy Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas or the senator for Girona Jami Matamala. They have also defended the ‘no’ deputies such as Francesc de Dalmases or Joan Canadell. The general secretaries of the party, Jordi Turull and Laura Borràs, have not openly opted for either of the two, although the former president of the Parliament hinted on Tuesday that she was betting on the breakup.

In his article on The Punt Avui, Rius accuses ERC of having told them “openly throughout the negotiations” that they have no intention of complying with the legislature agreements signed with Junts. And he adds that he says it knowingly because he has participated in them. “They do not want to add another strategy that is not theirs. They only prioritize the pact they signed with the PSOE to invest Pedro Sánchez and that we have verified that he has not given Catalonia any revenue, ”he affirms in the text.