Saturday, September 25

The arrival of a dana will leave intense rains and storms in the interior of the Peninsula until Thursday

The entry of a dana (depression isolated at high levels) in the west of the Iberian Peninsula will give rise, from the last minute of this Tuesday until Thursday, to very intense rainfall and generalized storms, mainly in areas of the interior of the peninsula. According to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), the arrival of the dana, together with the high temperatures typical of summer and the convergence on the interior of the peninsula of a flow with high moisture content, both Atlantic and Mediterranean, will cause a significant increase of the instability in the Peninsula.

This situation will leave widespread rainfall in the interior, more intense in the areas of Cuenca, Guadalajara and Zaragoza, which may occur in the form of hail, and may locally reach sizes greater than 2 centimeters. The Aemet warns that the rains that can be accompanied by storms, with strong electrical equipment and strong gusts of wind, which may take place at any time of the day or night, although in the interior of the peninsula they are more likely to develop during the afternoons, as a consequence of the daytime warming.

As of Thursday, the probability of heavy rains is expected to shift towards the northern half of the peninsula, affecting the extreme south to a lesser extent. In the Balearic Islands, rainfall will be stronger on Thursday, intensifying throughout the day, especially in the northeast of Mallorca and possibly in Menorca, due to the presence of a small center of low pressures around the islands. This episode of generalized storms is expected to change as of Friday, when the dana begins to weaken and moves away from the Peninsula.

The Civil Protection Directorate recommends caution and heed the recommendations in the event of this unstable situation. Civil Protection advises, if you must travel by road, preferably circulate along main roads and highways, slow down and not stop in areas where a large amount of water can flow. In the event of sudden storms and heavy rains, do not park in floodplains due to the risk of the vehicle being swept away or obstructing the natural flow of the current.

Given the risk of flooding, do not cross the flooded sections either with the vehicle or on foot, and, rather, locate the highest points in the area and do not try to save your car in the middle of a flood. In the countryside, stay away from rivers, streams and low areas of slopes and hills, avoiding crossing flooded fords. In the event of possible lightning strikes during storms, stay close to buildings to protect yourself and in the home it is advisable to avoid drafts. In the field, take refuge in high places, avoid getting under trees and away from barbed wire and metal objects.

In the face of strong winds, they recommend closing and securing doors, windows and those objects that may fall onto the public highway and get away from any object that may become detached. If you are driving, be careful when exiting tunnels, overtaking and crossing with heavy vehicles and in the face of possible obstacles on the road. In addition, the Civil Protection Directorate recommends staying informed at all times about the meteorological evolution through official channels

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