Tuesday, January 18

The artificial window that shows you any landscape in the world | Digital Trends Spanish

Travel has been considerably reduced due to the coronavirus pandemic and the sanitary measures decreed to stop infections.

However, technological advances have helped us travel the world without having to leave our home.

In this sense, youtuber Alex Shakespeare devised a unique method to show interesting views of various cities on the planet.

For this, the content creator used a high-resolution screen hanging from a wall to simulate an artificial window.

This unit displays various images of some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The most interesting thing is that to access them it is not necessary to use a remote control.

For this procedure, Shakespeare developed an innovative method that consists of a small toy airplane that the user can move on a world map.

The accessory has a magnet that allows it to move around the different territories. Thus, when the aircraft stops in a particular place, the artificial window will immediately show a view of that sector.

In this way, the person will have the sensation of being in that place and being able to look out the window to enjoy the landscape, just as if they were in a hotel or other tourist area.

The youtuber has also had a pair of speakers to emit characteristic sounds of the chosen place, so the experience will be more complete.

At the moment, Shakespeare has only incorporated five cities, but he hopes to add more as the months go by.

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