Thursday, October 28

The assailant from the Leioa campus bought the weapon in Milanuncios and received it at the Civil Guard barracks in Bilbao

The 21-year-old man from the Gipuzkoan town of Andoain who assaulted armed this Wednesday afternoon the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Leioa-Erandio campus of the University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU) acquired the shotgun hours before with the that he fired at least 25 shots – they are the cartridges and confirmed impacts – at a Milanuncios salesman. According to the preliminary investigation of the Ertzaintza, they remained to formalize the delivery at the Civil Guard barracks in La Salve, in Bilbao. Later, the now detainee went to practice at a shooting range in Artxanda, in the same city, and traveled in his vehicle to the mountain where the university campus is located.

The sale of this type of weapon is legal provided that certain requirements are met and the delivery of the shotgun guide (its documentation) is formalized before the Civil Guard, which has the exclusive competence of the control of weapons and explosives. Right now there are dozens of shotguns for sale on the same platform where the young man found them. Only in Bizkaia there are 95 advertisements with prices ranging between 30 euros and some more expensive models of more than 2,000. In this case, the operation was not only legalized, but the delivery itself was made at police stations. Therefore, it is to be assumed that the male had all the hunting permits, the medical examination and the criminal record certificate in order.

According to the data provided in the Basque Parliament by the Vice-Lehendakari and Security Councilor, Josu Erkoreka, 112 received the first alert at 6.40 pm. The Ertzaintza mobilized its patrols and also Intervention, Rescue or Explosives teams, and also requested support from the health services. A helicopter flew over the area to track the assailant. Academic authorities were contacted to set off alarms and vacate classrooms. It so happens that the central base of the Ertzaintza, located in Erandio, even a very short distance from the campus.

None of the 25 shots caused personal injury. Yes, there have been numerous damage to windows, screens or vehicles around the Faculty of Science and Technology, which he accessed. The campus is the largest of the public university, with thousands of students and workers, with numerous public transport traffic and with large faculties such as those of Medicine, Social Sciences or Fine Arts. Despite being an hour late, hundreds of people were affected by the events.

“It is not up to us to deduce the deep psychological motivations,” Erkoreka replied when asked about the motive for such an exceptional event. He simply explained that the Ertzaintza, at 7:20 p.m., had already arrested the assailant and that he offered no resistance. Also that, according to the testimonies of eyewitnesses, he apparently always made it clear that he only wanted to cause damage to the facilities and not to the people present. In 40 minutes the situation was controlled and without injuries, an extreme that the UPV / EHU governing team has also highlighted, which at night sent a message of tranquility to the entire university community. The detainee remains in the police station. It is not ruled out that the Ertzaintza completes the preliminary investigation this Thursday and brings the arrested person to justice. Already on Wednesday, a possible accusation of damages and threats was alluded to.

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