Tuesday, September 28

The Assembly of Ceuta agrees to void Vox and its attempt to set fire to the plenary sessions

After touching the physical confrontation on several occasions and starring in dialectical riots twice each month, alternating indifference with anger and humor, as the case may be, the four parties that, together with Vox, make up the Assembly of Ceuta (PP , PSOE, MDyC and Caballas) have agreed this Thursday, after another parliamentary brawl “of national shame”, to try a new recipe against the “insults” of the extreme right: not to debate with them and to limit themselves to voting against their initiatives from silence so as not to give fuel to the “provocations” that “only aim to set the city on fire and blow up the plenary sessions.”

PP and Vox face shouting in the Ceuta Assembly: “You are a fascist scoundrel”

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That has been the pact that they have reached during the twenty-minute recess that the President of the City, Juan Vivas (PP) has decreed, after the Vox spokesman, Carlos Verdejo, crossed out the rest of the members of the Chamber. autonomy of “pro-Moroccans” who have “sold to Ceuta”.

To do so, it has used an initiative of Caballas, the coalition formed by the Socialist Party of the People of Ceuta (PSPC) and the Ceutí Democratic Union, which called for the application of fiscal measures aimed at lowering the price of housing rental in the city. Verdejo has taken the matter immediately to the speech that Vox maintains in Ceuta since the PP broke the governance agreement that both parties maintained during 2020.

“If we talk about housing, we have to talk about everything, also about its pro-Moroccan policies for the regularization of illegal homes,” the Vox deputy has censured, to whom Vivas has immediately replied urging him to “take off the mask”: “When most necessary It was the unity of the Ceuta, in the May crisis, you wanted to remain the only ones empowered to decide who is Spanish and who is not. Say you do not consider the Muslims of Ceuta to be Spanish, thereby doing the greatest damage I have ever known to this city “, demanding courage from the extreme right.

The leader of the Ceutí PP has refused to reel the dispute with a new turn to speak due to allusions to Verdejo. The four Vox parliamentarians have left the Chamber for about 15 minutes calling the president of the autonomous city a “dictator”, thus they have not been able to defend the proposal they had registered to “give support to the Cuban people.”

When they have returned, the Vox spokesman has taken advantage of his first intervention to repudiate the “lies” and “manipulation” of Vivas, which has been refusing to strictly apply the Assembly Regulations for months, which would lead him to require police presence to order the eviction of the extreme right after three calls to order, the photo that, according to the president, those of Santiago Abascal are looking for.

“You are worse than the mafia,” Verdejo has come to say, who has also rejected that he denies Spanish to Muslims in Ceuta, something that the leaders of his party have been implicitly slipping for months when denouncing the existence of “fifth columnists” in the city, a society that Vox has called this Thursday a “failed social experiment.”

Vivas has ordered his party colleagues and begged the rest of the deputies “an exercise of responsibility” not to enter the Vox rag. “Let us remain silent even if he tells us pro-Moroccans, gangsters and any offense, even if it affects us in the depths of our feelings, that the institution is above,” he asked.

“You are going to have to swallow Moors”

The local Fatima Hamed, president of MDyC, has lamented immediately, while from Vox they described her as “psychopath” and urged her to address “the king of Morocco”, the “national political shame” that in her opinion gives the Assembly every month. In addition, he has insisted that the appropriate thing would be “to call the police and take them out by force”, something that the most veteran parliamentarian has also demanded shouting (“this cannot be endured, we must send them to the street”) of the Chamber, the historical union member of the PSOE Eloy Verdugo.

Vivas has tried to cut the scene by decreeing a five-minute recess while Hamed warned the far right. “You are going to have to swallow Moors, as you say, from here to the end of the legislature. You get annoyed and you are going to put up with it, I’m as Spanish as you,” he said paraphrasing the private WhatsApp messages that members of Vox in the city and that they are the subject of a legal case for an alleged hate crime.

Far from ceasing in his attitude, after the break, Verdejo has once again attacked “the fifth columnists who use their ID to row in favor of Morocco”, although the silence of the rest of the Corporation has only been found as a response, that he has agreed not to discuss with Vox and to limit himself to voting against all his initiatives from the silence. “This is the pact of the non-debate established between the pro-Moroccan groups, the PSOE and the PP”, has “denounced” the spokesman of the extreme right.

The president of the Governing Board and the City, Juan Vivas, has been absent from the Chamber the final stretch of the Plenary, during which time Verdejo has insisted on crossing out the other parties as allies of Rabat and has opposed such disqualifications be removed from the parliamentary acts, something that has been systematically ordered since Vox began to use them in May. The same has claimed the socialist Cristina Pérez when Hamed has branded the members of Vox as “fascists”.


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