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The association of correspondents that has awarded Plácido Domingo admits to doing so with “a clear mind and a clear conscience”

The Association of Foreign Press Correspondents (ACPE) has awarded this Wednesday, September 8, the Culture Awards to Plácido Domingo, Tourism to the Historic and Unique Parks of Madrid, Sports to Pau Gasol and the Journalism Awards to Susana Griso.

Plácido Domingo, accused of harassment by a score of women, will receive an award in Austria for his “exceptional career”

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The president of ACPE has delivered a speech at the award ceremony to Plácido Domingo in which he referred to the accusations of harassment that splashed the tenor a year ago. He said “that he was not tried by any court or other institutional body”, while recalling that the singer has not recognized any of the accusations and has “a clear and calm conscience.” [El tenor reconoció las acusaciones y pidió disculpas a la víctimas en un comunicado].

In this sense, he has expressed that the board of directors that grants him the award by “unanimity”, has “a clear mind and a clear conscience” and has opined that the accusations represent “a media campaign of the so-called culture of cancellation, which it is censorship and veto “.

To which Virginia Pérez, director of the Public Newspaper, one of the media that followed the most on the accusations of sexual harassment that fell on the artist, has responded: “women are class b citizens in all corners of the world.”

Recognition to the correspondents Fraile and Beriáin

In addition, at the same ceremony, the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, praised this Wednesday the journalistic and human work of Roberto Fraile and David Beriáin, journalists killed in the attack on April 30 in Burkina Faso, and highlighted their work “brave and truthful”. He said this at the awards ceremony of the International Press Club (CIP) in tribute to the two deceased journalists, an act in which political personalities such as the President of the Council of State, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, or the councilor of the PP in the Madrid City Council, Andrea Levy.

The families of Fraile and Beriáin have collected the “Golden Rose” award in honor of their career and as a tribute, the minister has considered them as “heroes” and has highlighted their “brave, truthful” career in constant search for the news .

In her speech at the event, the President of the Council of State expressed her appreciation to two journalists “who left with their shirts on” and who had the courage to do this “difficult” job in a conflict zone, for which It is necessary to recognize “a work that will remain in memory”, he has expressed.

Likewise, the International Press Club has awarded the award for the best foreign correspondent to Daniela Santiago, the one for defense of human values ​​to the Women for Africa association and the one for author with international repercussion for María Dueñas, as well as for her career professional, which has been for Carlos Herrera.

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