Tuesday, November 30

The association of victims of Pilar Manjón accuses Social Rights and the Treasury of bringing it to closure

The Association 11M Affected by Terrorism, founded by Pilar Manjón, warns that “it is doomed” to closure due to a sanction imposed by the Tax Agency in relation to the lack of justification of aid from the Ministry of Social Rights, which it also holds responsible of the situation. and that amounts, with fines and surcharges, to more than 65,000 euros. From the department directed by Ione Belarra, they assure that the association has not complied with the “obligations” implied by the subsidy and that it cannot be given “a different treatment from that of other entities.”

The association of victims of jihadist attacks explains in a note that it received a grant in 2012 of 49,500 euros for the work they carry out to care for those affected by terrorist attacks and their families, both for legal advice, psychological treatment, etc. These types of subsidies are advanced and the amount delivered is spent in the following year and is then justified before the General Directorate of Family Diversity and Social Services. The 11M Association Affected by Terrorism assures that in 2014 it sent the justification of the subsidy to the Ministry “consisting of the favorable report of an external accounts auditor”, in which it was detailed where the subsidy money had gone and the that “the rest of the required documentation” was attached.

The next episode occurs three years later, in 2017, still with the PP Government. The Ministry requires the 11M Association to deliver the original documents of the expenses, according to its version. “It is not until four years later [ya con el actual Gobierno], when the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, without questioning the correct execution of the subsidized program, requires us to reimburse 42,494.36 euros, by not accepting the proof of expenses in which the stamp of imputation to the subsidy, denying the possibility offered by the Association to remedy the defect, merely formal, “adds the note of the association, currently chaired by Eulogio Paz, father of a teenager who died in the attacks of 11M.

The Association founded by Manjón appealed the decision by administrative means and the refund was suspended, but then the Tax Agency issued an urgent ruling demanding payment with a 10% surcharge. This occurred, according to the note, “in the middle of August and with the appeal still unresolved.”

According to the same version, the association challenged the decision of the Tax Agency and contacted the deputy director general of Family Diversity and Social Services. “He acknowledged the mistake made, apologized to us, promised to issue as soon as possible the certificate accrediting the suspension that we requested to try to annul the enforcement order and, even, urged us not to formalize the payment. However, after weeks of unsuccessful waiting and insistent attempts to contact him or someone else responsible, ended up withdrawing and denying us the certificate promised and that, by law, they are obliged to issue, “says the 11M Association Affected by Terrorism. Then, on October 6, they were notified of the seizure of credits, for which they had to pay a total of 51,538.09 euros, which includes the accumulated surcharges but not the interest on the principal, which they have just appealed, and that would amount to 14,131.47 euros.

Sources from the General Directorate of Family Diversity and Social Services assure, on the contrary, that the association “has not justified the subsidy received, according to the applicable regulations that were known to it at the time of accessing it” and recall that the Ministry of Social Rights “is obliged to apply these norms in the review of the justifications, known and unfulfilled by the entity, and to transfer it to the Treasury.”

For the public body, the jurisprudence that governs the granting and justification of subsidies “is clear and must be applied.” “When verifying that a subsidy has been spent in accordance with the law, it is necessary to comply with the purpose of the subsidy and with the formal justification requirements, especially, as is the case, when these requirements are made to avoid fraud” they add.

However, they say from the General Directorate, the Association Affected 11m has been attended by the public entity, which held a meeting with its representatives and exchanged “several calls and emails.” “They have been assisted and accompanied in the process, but they cannot be treated differently from that of the other entities, maximum when the origin of the current situation is that the aforementioned entity has not fulfilled its obligations, freely accepted, when agreed to that grant, “adds the official source. Finally, the Ministry points out that once a debt has been established with the Tax Agency, the department “loses control of it.”

The 11M Association insists on describing as “intolerable” the actions of the Ministry and the Tax Agency. It ensures that the enforcement order was issued despite the fact that the Association requested the suspension of the full resolution within the voluntary payment period without having received a response from the Administration. According to his interpretation, “the suspension is understood to have been agreed due to administrative silence from May 24, 2021” being the order of August 7. “It is null and void,” they conclude. According to the association, “these incongruous, disproportionate and bloody actions lie in the crime of not having stamped some documents “.

From the association they predict that the administrative and judicial appeals “will be resolved late” and that they will no longer resolve the economic and reputational damage caused. In this sense, they assure that they cannot face the activities pending before the end of the year, from medical or social aid to participation in the cause of the Barcelona attacks and the monitoring and control of those convicted of the 11 -M, as well as in other civil courts in which they advise and defend the victims. “The association is doomed to closure”, they conclude.


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