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The attack on a young man from the PP of Vitoria will be investigated as a hate crime and there are four witnesses to the events

The attack on the young militant of the New Generations of PP Ander García Oñate, which occurred on the night of Saturday to Sunday outside a Vitoria nightclub, will finally be investigated as a hate crime, as proposed by the Prosecutor’s Office this Tuesday. Initially, the case was to be resolved in a speedy trial but it has been suspended at the hearing itself after the request of the public prosecutor, accepted by the victim’s lawyer and to which the aggressor’s lawyer has not objected, according to judicial sources.

The Ertzaintza detains a young woman for punching a militant of the New Generations of the PP in Vitoria

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García Oñate was punched in the face by a young woman barely 20 years old, who also yelled “look” at him and uttered a “Gora ETA!” when it was reduced by the witnesses and also by the local personnel before its arrest by the Ertzaintza. In the speedy trial, the aggressor could have been sentenced for a crime of injury with the aggravating factor of hatred, but the new classification proposed by the Prosecutor’s Office requires the activation of an ordinary procedure with its investigation phase and subsequent oral trial. The penalties are much higher and can include imprisonment and an onerous financial penalty.

The magistrate who assumes the case is the head of the Court of Instruction 2 of Vitoria, Cristina Rodríguez Ruiz, known in recent weeks for being in charge of the summary in which the leaks of examinations in the medical oppositions of the Basque Health Service are analyzed (Osakidetza). It will be next Monday when the young woman testifies as the accused, as well as the victim and the witnesses. Judicial sources explain that the Ertzaintza has already delivered its report stating the facts and that, in addition, there are four young people who witnessed what happened, two boys and two girls. Although the procedural change will lengthen the deadlines, from García Oñate’s environment they trust that the file can be resolved in a few weeks.

The aggression has aroused political controversy since the PP has pointed to the nationalist left for not using the word “condemnation.” In fact, he accuses him of being behind a justifying climate for this type of action. EH Bildu, through the mouth of Arnaldo Otegi and his spokesmen in Vitoria, has “rejected” what happened. Even internally the critical sector of EA has been unchecked. “They will not be able to with us. They could not with the weapons, much less will they get it with punches,” García Oñate himself wrote on Twitter.

In the midst of this debate, the Basque Government spokesman, Bingen Zupiria, has asked that violent behavior “cannot be normalized” and that “it must receive the strongest public condemnation from the institutions and all their representatives.” There can be no “explanations and arguments to justify these violent attitudes,” he remarked. After the weekly session of the Governing Council, the spokesperson has read a statement signed by the two formations that make up the coalition, PNV and PSE-EE. In it, in line with the reflection launched by the leader of the Basque PP, Carlos Iturgaiz, it is proposed “how is it possible that, after all that this society has suffered in its recent history, the appeal to violence continues to exist” and , particularly, in a person of barely 20 years old and who was 10 when ETA ended its terrorist activity.

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