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The attractive bet of Disney Plus to add customers | Digital Trends Spanish

While still far behind Netflix, Disney Plus remains one of the most popular streaming services out there today.

The number of followers that the platform has achieved in its first year of existence has exceeded projections, so much so that it has given the company reasons to celebrate.

On November 12, Disney Day will be celebrated and the studio wants to celebrate it in a big way, with an interesting strategy to continue increasing the number of clients on the platform.

As part of this celebration, the company has launched an offer and has reduced the first month in Disney Plus to just two dollars for new subscribers or for those who have decided to return to streaming.

After this period, the service will cost 8 dollars, but it can be canceled at any time.

The offer will help more people to be encouraged to hire the service offered by the company and to enjoy the generous catalog that it has, which includes series, films, documentaries and television programs.

Of course, those who are interested in this promotion should hurry because it will be available only from November 8 to 14.

To access it, you must enter the site of Disney Plus, there you must create a new account with username and password or enter the data that were already registered in the service.

Later, the person will be able to activate the subscription at a reduced price and thus access the entire catalog of the platform.

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